At long last, I’m saying goodbye to bingo wings!!

I know from looking online and talking to girlfriends that many, MANY women have bingo wings. For those who haven’t come across thee term, these are the flaps of skin that hang down from the upper arms between your shoulders and elbows when you put your arms out to the side. When magazines do surveys and ask women: ‘What part of your body for you like least?’, bingo wings ALWAYS feature. Now, bingo wings may not seem like a big deal. After all, they don’t pose any health problems and really any issues are often only in the eyes of the women themselves. But I can tell you that bingo wings CAN impact on lives. They can dictate what you wear and you can feel compelled to cover up, whatever, the weather, etc. They can knock your confidence as you see other people sporting short-sleeved on sleeveless tops. It seems like a lifetime ago since our youth when we never had to think about these kinds of things! It’s around 7 years since I’ve worn anything short-sleeved in public.

When you look at remedies, some people are advocates of specific exercises because diet alone will certainly not get rid of bingo wings. So, exercises focused on triceps may help. Doing repeated sessions of lifting baked bean cans may help…..eventually. There is even surgery that I’ve seen on TV where you have the excess skin removed…. but you are then left with a long faint scar that may or may not completely disappear. 



However, I’ve stumbled across a sure way to get rid of bingo wings…..CRUTCHES! Now, I’m not advocating that you deliberately break your leg, sprain you ankle, etc. but I’m on day 12 of using crutches following a nasty fall and I’ve lost more than 6cm from my bingo wings in such an incredibly short amount of time! And that’s really good going bearing in mind how I’m barely moving around the house. Slowly, the flappy parts are flapping no more and my arms are showing some early signs of definition. And with my injury meant to take 6 weeks to recover from, I’ve another 4 weeks to go where they might look even better. I might even be able to show off my arms before this glorious weather disappears!

Being on crutches isn’t fun. Not being able to drive isn’t fun. Having to ask other people to do things for me isn’t fun. But long after the summer has gone, I’ll be the one around in sleeveless tops whatever the weather! Silver linings and all that!

Happy weeeknd, everyone xx


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