July bucket list round up…..and a trip planned to Cornwall

Sometimes, you can have the best laid plans which don’t quite work out but, as ever, it’s always good to stay positive. July was going to have some big events and, whilst not everything was achieved, things were ticked off the bucket list. And with August just hours away, I’ve an amazing trip coming up to Cornwall which I booked last night.

July’s highlight was certainly going to beautiful Highclere Castle with hubby which was used for filming Downton Abbey and we got to have afternoon tea there. First, what a place! It was so cool to follow in the footsteps of Maggie Smith and recall all those scenes. Hubby and I had been late-comers to Downton but we binge watched several seasons and soon understood why people all over the world loved it. Second, afternoon tea! Yum! I’ve never had it before and we were given so much food that we couldn’t finish it all. We were also given champagne and, of course, tea! And third, it was a rare afternoon out with hubby so a big yay on that front!

image3 (2)

We’d both planned on going to the DinoSnores for Adults sleepover at the Natural History Museum and were beyond excited! It’d be an incredible night with a 3 course meal, entertainment, insect eating, gin sampling, magic, movie marathon, art class, dinosaurs-themed games room, etc., etc., and a bit more etc., And then you get to actually sleep in the Hintze Hall underneath the blue whale skeleton with about 200 other people! Because of home life, we weren’t able to both go but I was so pleased that hubby an incredible time there. As he said, he even capitalised the word ‘AWESOME’ in his text to me. Hubby never capitalises words! He loved it! And it’s something that we’ll both do another time along with the 12 night cruise around Scandinavia and Russia that’s right at the very top of my holiday wish list!

I won’t go into my home life but many families have challenges as do we and it just means that hubby and I rarely get to do things together which is gutting. But we have the view that we’ll be able to do things as a couple one day and, in the meantime, we have to live NOW! And it’s great to share my adventures with others. For friends on Facebook who read my blog, this will be the last time you’ll be able to see my updates as, from tomorrow, WordPress won’t let me automatically connect it to Facebook but I may occasionally copy and paste important posts. Otherwise, feel free to sign up to get email updates!

Another July highlight was to achieve 50 hours of volunteering! Whoop! This one matters to me so much as I just LOVE the charity I’ve decided to continue volunteering with. There’s something incredible special about it and the people, and I have a very soft spot for it! We’re on our summer holiday now so just a few weeks until I get to see the guys again.

During the weekends and when other times have allowed, I went on trips to some fabulous places like Hever Castle, Lordington Lavender, Scotney Castle and the Churchill Arms pub in Kensington that spends more than £25,000 a year on flowers! I watched the England v Croatia World Cup semi-final match on Brighton Beach at a huge screen and found myself underneath a descending cloud of beer after England’s goal in the first 5 minutes!! 

image5 (3)

image6 (3)

image1 (3)image10 (2)image7 (3)image2 (5)


I also stood on the Meridian Line at Greenwich that divides east and west, walked around the observatory and did 7,000 steps by lunch time! And then I had my fall…..metres away from the Olympic Stadium where I was going to watch Greg Rutherford compete for the last time. I fell badly and have done tissue damage in my left leg, resulting in being on crutches! It can take 6 weeks to fully recover. I’m a long way off from being able to drive to places, walk around and drive home so the past week has been rather indoors. I’ve been trying some arts and crafts. I loved making a ‘flower in test tube’ display that’s now in my dining room but the frosted glass spray painting was rather disastrous!!! Live and learn!

So, actually, reading back the above, I have done a lot! I thought perhaps I’d just one or two things but that doesn’t seem to the case at all. I’ve just written my 200th TripAdvisor review too! However, I have booked an AMAZING trip for August! In my quest to visit all of England’s 48 counties, I’m ticking off another 5 counties and will be ‘nipping onto the Isle of Wight’ on my wall to Cornwall. Yes, I’ll be taking the ferry from Portsmouth, drive along the island and then re-emerge to take ferry from Yarmouth to Lymington. Yes, only I’d do this! Crazy girl! And then in Cornwall, I’ll be seeing the musical Me and My Girl at the Minack Theatre (which is a stunning amphitheatre right on the coast – just check out the photo!), visiting the Land’s End sign and going to St. Michael’s Mount before staying in Truro. I’ll tell you about where I’m heading to after this in my next blog! That will leave me with just 4 other counties to visit which is pretty good going as I restarted the counter at zero last August! Mmmm…..wouldn’t it be great if I can tick these off these 4 remaining counties in August too! Let’s see about time and, of course, my leg! I could just about do a day trip there and back!



So, things to look forward to and hopefully some day trips once fully mobile! Happy August everyone. Hope it’s good one 




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