I might be on crutches but it’s a chance to get creative!

Hey folks

Well, when I last blogged on Sunday, I was sitting on my sofa with a bag of frozen garden peas attempting to bring relief to my very painful leg! For those who might not have seen that post, I’d fallen over very impressively right in front of the Olympic Stadium in London in view of scores of people attending the Anniversary Games! I think you get to the age where there’s no way of pulling off a fall gracefully, and the best you can do is smile and just wish that the ground would open up! Having worked my way through the frozen veg and with Yorkshire puddings next on the list to make the pain go away, I thought I should get it checked out. I’m one of the most stubborn people out there and so for me to have gone to A&E that night probably speaks volumes. Anyway, bottom line is that I haven’t fractured my tibia or fibula (yay) although the pain would have suggested otherwise! Instead, I’ve done tissue damage that can take around 6 weeks to heal properly so I’m sporting a very stylish pair of crutches! 


FullSizeRender (3)

You may have gathered from my blog that I love going out. I can’t always go out easily as it depends what’s going on here at home so trips out are important to me. Now, I can either think ‘Right, I’m going to have to put everything on hold for now‘ or think ‘Right, let’s refocus on things that I can do with limited mobility until I’m back driving‘ (which I hope will be well within the 6 weeks). So, here’s what I’ve come up with:


  • Design a photo book. I did one after my 40th birthday party which was 1980s-themed and it was really great to pull together the photos that lots of people had taken in one place. I had about 100 people come in fancy dress! Basically, you design the photo book online and then order the hard copy. You can also add text, etc. With all my trips over the past year to France, Belgium and all over the north of England, plus all the things I’ve done so far on my bucket list I’ve got more than enough to put  together something pretty cool….I hope. I started it last night using VistaPrint.


  • Carry on with my knitting. I had my first knitting lesson with my mum-in-law a few months ago. I’ve always known that she’s unbelievably patient but she went up even higher in my ratings when I had to be shown sooooo many times how to do some basic steps! Although I’ve tried knitting a couple of times since then, I’ve been out so much that I haven’t hard time and I was going to carry on knitting this winter. However, one of the ’50 challenges’ is to knit something for charity so I can get on with that one a bit sooner.


  • Decorate some glass jars for candles. Does anyone here like Gu desserts that come in glass jars? They are so scrumptious and we tend to get them when they’re on offer as they’re quite expensive. However, we now have about 12 jars ready to be decorated and it’d be lovely to enjoy the heat wave with lots of candles lighting up our very long glass garden table and I’ve candles that fit perfectly in those jars. In my Hobbycraft order today, I had some felt tip pens come that work on glass and ceramics. 


  • Decorate a mini terracotta plant pot for colouring pencils. I have young children come to my home as part of my job and sometimes it’s helpful when I’m chatting to their parents afterwards for them to do some drawing as it keeps them occupied. But the pencils are just sitting in my cupboard. So, why not decorate the pot from Hobbycraft (£1.50) with a child-friendly design. My original plan for the pot (I’ve also two others) was to decorate it and grow herbs. Yes, like that was really going to happen! There’s clearly an inner-cook that’s bursting to come out of me!


  • Make a new focal point for the dining room using test tube jars. Yep, this one is a bit random but I saw the test tube holder on Hobbycraft (see photo below) that’s meant to come with 4 test tubes. I’m not a geek…..well, perhaps a little bit! Just the holder came today but Hobbycraft said they’ll resend the item which will come tomorrow. I have plans…..although I will now have a spare test tube holder…..I wonder what I can do with that!


  • Jigsaws. I have some jigsaws that I really like but I rarely get to do them as I work from home and I like to keep the house looking very tidy. Of course, it’s an illusion and I just hope that no-one walks into my garage where everything is thrown into minutes before they knock! So, perhaps I’ll get one out tomorrow and set it up in the garden.



I am still working (thankfully my most imminent appointments are all here) but anyone got ideas about other things I can do at home? 



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