Hello London! Stood on the Meridian line and saw athletics at the Olympic stadium…just about!

Hey folks

How’s your weekend going? I hope yours has been good, whether you’re chilling, seeing people or catching up on those jobs that there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get around to.

Well, what a day!!!! Weeks ago, I bought tickets for the Anniversary Games at the London Olympic Stadium which have been held annually since 2012 and it’s where Mo Farah and Usain Bolt bowed out from track last year. Today, it was long jumper Greg Rutherford’s last meet before retirement. But, as the athletics was on for only about 3 hours, I thought I’d make a day of it in London and get to cross of TWO things from my bucket list!

image5 (5)image4 (5)image3 (5)image2 (5)image1 (4)image9 (2)image7 (3)image10 (2)So, the first stop was in Greenwich at the Royal Observatory. Even before you go in, the view overlooking Canary Wharf is amazing! No wonder why so many people were snapping away and capturing the view with other buildings in the foreground like the Old Naval College and the O2. The thing from my bucket list was to stand on the Meridian line which is what time zones around the world are based on and Longitude Zero (0°, 0′, 0″) and I go to do it! Check out the photo with my feet either side separating west and east! But Greenwich is much more than this. There’s an observatory with the most amazing shows, an exhibition about time, the Old Naval College (where I qualified as a teacher many years ago – University of Greenwich), the Queen’s house with a beautiful 16th century spiral staircase that I was very keen to snap, etc. Actually, I felt a bit bad as when I walked into the Queen’s House, an extremely lovely guide came over to me, clearly ready to tell me all about it and I had to politely break it to her that I had no time for facts! I needed to take a photo of it and move to my next destination. Eek! She seemed perfectly understanding. Fingers crossed that other tourists were to come along soon after. Then, after a diet coke and a few photos of the Cutty Sark, I went to the International Street Food Festival where there was such a lovely atmosphere! It was a really day (I cannot remember when it last rained!) and lots of people were out soaking up the atmosphere. I love lazy weekend days in London!

image12 (1)image11image13image14

And then…..time to go to the Olympic stadium for the very first time. I was so excited! I could see the ArcelotMittal Orbit which is the world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide and then the stadium right in front of me! I quickened up my pace, excited to get to my seat, excited to get to see Greg and others…….and then bang! I fell over. Hard. Very Hard. My foot had trodden on the uneven pavement where a tree had been planted in the wide pavement and I just fell. Talk about slow motion! The next moment, I have people coming to me being so lovely and I thought that some of the intense pain was probably from shock….and no doubt from embarrassment too! I thought if I sat there for a moment to let the shock subside, I’d be perfectly fine. “It’s okay’, I told everyone. “I’ll just sit here a moment pretending to just be taking in the view”. Ha!! As if I could style that one out! After a few minutes, I thought I’d be okay but the pain was immense and this is from someone who’s got a pretty high pain threshold! Now, I had a decision to make. Do I hobble back to a road where I can flag down a taxi and just get home so that I can rest (that’s the sensible option) or do I get to my seat in thte stadium as you HAVE to see the athletics (that’s the not so sensible one!). I don’t do sensible! Although I made it to my seat, I had to keep stopping and the pain was truly awful. Thank goodness for wearing sunglasses as there were a few tears…..quite a few very quiet ones actually that I was trying not to show. And I am glad that I got to my seat as I saw Adam Gemili and co get 1st in the 4x100m race, GB win the women’s 4×100 race, and also Hannah Cockcroft get 2nd. But I was in so much pain that I just had to get help. The first aid staff I spoke to said it won’t be broken as I can move my ankle and knee but I’ve probably bruised it horribly or sprained the muscle. RICE is what was needed……Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. But I just wanted to get home, especially as being rather far away. Thankfully, a taxi was called and took me to the nearest spot to the platform at London Bridge so I could hobble and get home, and here I am now with a bag of peas on my leg and the leg raised up. On the train, I even googled ‘symptoms of broken leg’ as it’s the most horrendous pain. Can you hobble on a broken leg? But no doubt the pain will subside. But I did get to tick off tow things from my bucket list: stand on the Meridian line and see an athletics events at the Olympic stadium. So, yay!


Hope your day’s a little calmer than mine! xx



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