Would you spend £25,000 on flowers? This pub has!

Having found myself popping up to London this afternoon, I just had to squeeze in something from my bucket list!

I had read about the Churchill Arms in Kensington as it tends to crop up on websites when you’re looking up cool things to do in London or places to eat and drink. On a fairly quiet road, the first thing you see about the pub is that it’s adorned with flowers! I mean, nearly every space on the exterior walls is covered and it’s unbelievable that they actually spend £25, 000 every single year  decorating the pub! It’s such a spectacle!


Although we knew the outside would be quite something, we just assumed that inside would be pretty normal! A normal, English pub. Well, we found ourselves sitting beneath hundreds of decorated chamber pots! How surreal! Hanging between the walls was flag bunting and then lots of interesting displays around the walls like things to do with the Titanic, American presidents and, of course, Churchill! Certainly worth popping in for a drink. We would have gone to the Kyoto Gardens too which are beautiful Japanese gardens within Holland Park just a short walk away but, being closed early evening, that’s on the list for another day!


Weekend after next, I’m off to the London Anniversary Games but I want to do something this Saturday. I’ve got this week off work so I’d like to mark it in style! I’ve got a few ideas! 

If you’re in the UK, hope you’re enjoying this weather. This weekend coming is going to be a hot one…again!! xx



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