Running through a Sussex field of lavender!

Hey folks

Before telling you a bit more about the title of this blog, my hubby had THE most awesome adult sleepover at London’s Natural History Museum last night! As I blogged about yesterday, I was gutted not to go at the last moment but he came back just full of news about what he did, how amazing the experience was, how he somehow got through with 2 hours’ sleep, etc. It sounds as if he and his friend just didn’t stop! He thinks there must have been about 200 people camping out under the 25 metre skeleton of the blue whale and it’s an experience he’d repeat so one day, when things settle a bit here, we’ll both go back! 

If you’re anywhere near Sussex and have no plans for tomorrow, you might want to check out Lordington Lavender which is a field of lavender that opens to the public for just one week a year. The only reason for it being on my bucket list was that I saw incredible photos on Facebook last year but I did wonder whether it would be worth going. To be honest, I can’t stand lavender! It brings back my Brownie Guide days in the early 80s when we sewed little bags of lavender and took them to old people’s homes! So, I did wonder if I was doing the right thing.

image1 (3)

Well, yes! I loved it. When you first see the field, there’s an intense mass of purple and then, as you get nearer, you can see the very long rows stretching away. This is a perfect place for photos, especially if you have any pets or young children, and there’s lots of space to get some uninterrupted photos. At one point, I saw a lady with three adorable dogs and she’d positioned them on a bench with the lavender behind them. I asked if I could take a photo too and, although one had jumped down, I managed to get the other two. 

image6 (3)image4 (4)image5 (4)

The other unexpected highlight was seeing so many butterflies! I knew there’d be lots of bees too but there were lots of Peacock Butterflies (I had to google this!) plus others. This isn’t a great photo as I use just an iPhone and there was only so near that I could get and zoom in but it was great to see them around me.

image3 (4)

Tomorrow is the last day that Lordington Lavender is open to the public in 2018 and definitely worth going to. You can check it you here:

I’ve got the Anniversary Games at the Olympic Stadium in 2 weeks’ time and I can’t wait but I want to do something before then. Part of me is thinking about going on the Eurotunnel to France tomorrow (just for the day) which is a tad bit spontaneous but it’d be great to soak up the World Cup final atmosphere. So, let’s see. I may end up staying in for the men’s singles at Wimbledon and the World Cup from the comfort of my own home!

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