Just weeks until we sleep in a castle! But a sneaky look today!

What a beautiful day it’s been in the south east of England! I could have stayed in as there’s always report writing to do but I was in the mood for going out and so I ventured over to Hever Castle in Kent which isn’t too far from here. In a few weeks’ time, it’s our wedding anniversary (22 years!) and we’re  staying overnight at Hever Castle which we’re REALLY excited about. However, I thought I’d head over there today to have a mooch around.


The last time I went there, my children were rather young and we spent lots of time in the water maze (which is very funny as it shoots up water at the most unexpected moments and I recall both children getting pretty wet!). We bought swords and shields which they continued playing with when they got home for which I’ve still got the photos. We spent time in the children’s play area, and I whizzed them around the castle, quickly enough to keep their focus but long enough for them to at least say they’d set foot inside. But going alone can be nice as you can just take it at your pace. 

The castle is set in 125 acres and is double-moated. It’s about 700 years old and was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn who was Henry VIII’s second wife. There are beautiful gardens like the Italan Garden, statues everywhere and a very impressive lake on which you can go boating. I could see a Japanese tea room on the other side of the lake but it was just too way to walk over there and I did plenty of walking anyway. It holds lots of events like concerts. You can even get married there! 

For a little bit extra, you can pay to go in the castle which is over 3 floors and gives beautiful views for the surrounding area. Like many National Trust places, the rooms are set up to give visitors insight into what life might have been like. 

So, a really lovely place to go to and definitely can’t wait to go with hubby. But our big thing this weekend? We’re off to ‘Downton Abbey’ on Sunday!!!!!!!!!! We. Can. Not. Wait!!! 

Happy weekend, everyone



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