“Is that purple thing an aubergine?”

Tonight, I’ve added something else to my bucket list: ‘To cook a meal every day in August’.

Now, I’m sure that many people will think ‘Er, you’re in your 40s. What’s the big deal about cooking?’ And I get that! After all, I’m an adult and putting together a plate of food really shouldn’t be that complicated. But the thought of spending time in the kitchen cooking is almost like a phobia. Now, I’m lucky. I’m married to hubby who has this amazing ability to open cupboard doors, take out a few ingredients and, boom, a wonderfully tasty meal magically appears a while later! And it’s not that I don’t want to cook, per se. Last October, when I rented the most beautiful riverside house in Dinan, France all on my own, I had romantic visions of walking down to the shops at the port each morning, buying some fresh ingredients and then coming back to the house to cook whilst listening to music and watching the boats go past. Yep, that was my romantic idea. Instead, I didn’t use the oven, I didn’t even use the hob and I came back 7lbs lighter! The cleaner must have thought that I was the tidiest occupant ever! Oh yes, and that was the house where the American fridge/freezer suddenly made knocking noises late at night and, with the house being rather isolated, I phoned hubby on my 1st night whilst trying not to move…terrified that I had a very polite murderer banging on the door!


And I do try to get excited about food. I discovered Borough Market, London earlier this year and I LOVED looking at all the fascinating and colourful stalls! There were over 100 stalls with food from all over the world. I came away really wishing that I could cook and wanting to be a foodie. And I even tried out a ‘beginners’ cooking day a few years ago where 8 of us were talked through a rather elobrate main course and dessert, and I then replicated the meal for my long suffering family and friends. Yes, that was NOT a beginner’s course! The poor woman who was paired up wtih me  just looked horrified when I asked if the purple thing was an aubergine!!!!!!!!!!! 


And finally before telling you about my bucket list addition, I’ve discovered that even the simplest thing about food terrifies me. At the youth club every Tuesday evening, we have snack time with the youngsters which means that an adult and the elected ‘teen of the week’ basically plate up a few bits and pieces. You know, biscuits, fruit, etc. yet I’d much prefer to wash up afterwards! And that’s daft as I do like doing buffets for family events. I love presenting a table full of food and textures where people can just pick at whatever they like. But nothing is made from scratch. I just know how to present things and am a real sucker for buying interesting-looking serving dishes!

So, I hope that gives you an idea about me and cooking! Goodness knows how our children have survived to be healthy, strong adults! What I plan to do in August is to cook a meal every single day. A different meal every day. We’ve got one night where we’re staying in a castle for our anniversary and we’ll eat out then but I’d like to cook every lunch time or evening. That’s the plan, anyway! So, if you have easy ideas (and I really mean easy!), please do tell me!!!!! Time to be a grown up…….but don’t even ask me about ironing!


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