June was a great month for the bucket list….but July is going to be AMAZING!!!!!

Hey guys,

I think I say this every month but I can’t believe that another month has gone by! May had been brilliant with the UK road trip, the cruise, the tree house restaurant, ‘popping’ into Scotland, going in a hot tub, the owls swooping onto my arm, etc. I knew that June would be a bit quieter. In fact, this time last month, I didn’t think I’d be ticking anything off the bucket list or having any days out but I have!

The biggest achievement was to complete 50 hours of voluntary work. Yay! I did it! Most of it has been with a fabulous Sussex-based charity that supports children and young people with complex needs but I was also a gude marshal at the St Catherine’s Hospice Midnight Walk which was brilliant. There were many weary faces but I loved the whole cheerleader type role I had…..smiling and encouraging everyone to keep going! However, despite reaching my goal, I’m going to continue to volunteer. The thing is….I didn’t realise how much I’d get out of it! I mean, confidence, being part of a team, new friendships, being inspired by incredible youngsters, etc. As well as continuing with the main charity (one evening a week plus extra events like tomorrow afternoon), I’m also going to be guide marshalling again later this year for the hospice. There are other charities I’d love to work with too and I guess that as I chose to work less, I’ll get the chance. 

image6 (24)

What else did I do this month? Well, hubby and I went to the Moonlight Drive-in Cinema in Paddock Wood, Kent which was brilliant fun. You literally turn up, turn off your lights, order food and get comfy. We saw the latest Star Wars film from the comfort of the car whilst eating nachos! And of course, when we finished, we just drove off….no searching for our car in a busy car park!

image14 (10)

I finally went to God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow last weekend which is Europe’s largest collection of neon signs. It’d been on my list for months as nearly every time I googled ‘fun things to do in London’, this came up and it’s completely free. There was so much to look at and it made for some great photos. 



Last Sunday, I spent a really nice morning in Canary Wharf: mooching around, eating breakfast and taking photos of things like the Six Public Clocks and the traffic light tree! It’s not the kind of place I’d think about going to but I can highly recommend it. No doubt, I’ll head back another time. Somewhere else I’ve been that I’d like to go back to with hubby is Borough Market which must be London’s best food market. I went there in March and, despite being a ‘won’t cook’ person, I came away excited about food! 



I added to my photography bucket list at places like Painshill, Sheffield Park and Gardens, etc. But the most fun photo to take was of sunrise at Beachy Head at 4.45am!!!! I loved that morning. Crazy really but I wasn’t the only person there and I got quite a good shot. You can just see Eastbourne Pier to the left.

image7 (18)
Sunrise June 2018 from Beachy Head looking over Eastbourne pier

And I started to learn Braille. It’s been on my list for a while but my book turned up last weekend. By pure chance, I found that a new friend has qualifications in Braille which is super impressive!! 

But July has some incredible opportunities that I can’t wait to Facebook and blog about. First, next Sunday, hubby and I are off to Highclere Castle (also known as Downton Abbey) where we’ll be terribly sophisticated and have high tea! Then it’s Lordington Lavender week beginning 9 July which is near Chichester and the lavender fields are open to the public to take photos, etc. Despite living in Sussex since getting married, I didn’t know about this event until last year when friends’ photos popped up on Facebook and I thought ‘oooh, pretty’! Then, Then, the following week, we’ve got the Dino Snores Sleepover for Adults at the Natural History Museum where we have a very posh 3-course meal, roam around the museum after hours, enjoy stand up comedy, try insect-eating, taste whiskey, play in a dinosaurs themed games room, take part in a movie marathon, etc., etc. I’m sure we won’t sleep a wink! And I know that hubby is SUPER excited about this. Sounds like he’s telling everyone he knows!And then we’re off to the Olympic stadium in London for the anniversary games at the end of the month. We didn’t make it to London 2012 but I love sport and there are many Olympians and Paralympians that I really want to see. And, yes, on top of this, lots of days out, etc. 


So, a really good month ahead with some time off work! Happy nearly-July everyone xx


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