Another bucket list thing ticked off: 50 hours of voluntary work :)

I did it! Wow, I can’t believe that I’ve reached my goal after a journey that started back in February. It all began with a tentative look online to find charities that were a) looking for people and b) linked to subjects of interest to me. And helping out for 2.5 hours a week (term time only) at a youth club for teenagers with special needs, helping out at last weekend’s Swedish midsummer fundraiser and being a guide marshal for St Catherine’s Hospice’s Midnight Walk has now added up to 50 hours! But the journey doesn’t stop there. I love my Tuesday evenings at the youth club so much that I’m going to carry on with that alongside one-off charity events. It doesn’t feel like work whatsoever and it’s helped me to fill a gap in my life. I knew that I needed something to add to my current commitments although I didn’t know what was missing. But it’s funny how you can try out something and find that it just feels right……that it’s the thing that is missing.  

And the photography bucket list is really coming on. In fact, a coupe of nights ago, it was funny as I was in pjs when I saw the tail end of the sun setting so I raced out in my car (yes, in pjs!) and managed to find somewhere to get snapping! I just need to get one more photo of the sun rising. I did have my alarm set for 4am today but the alarm went off and I just thought ‘Nah’! There’s a windmill close to here and I’d love to get the colours of the sunrise accentuating the pattern in its sails. 

IMG_5264 (1)

We’re now on countdown until our high tea at Highclere Castle which is the building used in Downton Abbey! Less than 2 weeks to go 🙂 Being latecomers to Downton and then bingewatching every episode, we can’t wait to see the beautiful rooms and, of course, capture that famous shot of the house at the end of the gravel path. Plus having high tea is another bucket list item so it’ll be one more to tick off!

What are you looking forward to? Do you have things that you’re counting down to?


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