More things ticked off the bucket list today! Thank you London!

Here I am watching England v Panama in the World Cup (and what a result so far at half time!) but I’ve already been out today, ticking off things from the bucket list.

I said the other day that I might try to get up to London and waking up early to hay fever meant I could spend a few hours up there before getting back for the match. If you think of a trip to London, you might not think about Canary Wharf as as a destination as it’s probably best known for major financial institutions and skyscrapers. But on a sunny day, it’s perfect for mooching around. Even better, you get 3 hours of free parking if you spend at least £10 in any of its bars, restaurants or shops and get your car park ticket validated. So, what I did I do? First stop was to find the Six Public Clock art installation which is almost next to Canary Wharf station. First installed in 1999 and created by Konstantin Grcic, each clock is double-faced and each clock has just one number printed. If you look online, there are some great fabulous of them lit up at dusk. 

Then it was off to find the Crossrail Roof Garden which is completely free and open each day from 6am. It’s weird to find quite a large area of exotic trees and flowers in the midst of skyscrapers but I could see it being very popular for office workers. And then the Traffic Light Tree!! Yes, another art installation that apparently causes motorists some confusion but it’s right next to Billingsgate Market… whilst the tree looks fab, you can smell the fish in the air! There’s a really nice feel to the area with lots of cafes and restaurants, beautiful underground shopping malls and even free mini golf! I had a lovely Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon for breakfast at Cafe Rouge right next to the dock. 

However, just 20 minutes away, I managed to tick off another bucket list item: go to God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow. Wow! It’s Europe’s largest collection of neon signs and if you dropped your phone in camera mode, you’d be sure to capture the colour of the place! Every wall and ceiling space is covered and it’s probably somewhere you could come back to and notice new things. Definitely worth popping into if you’re in the area. Completely free but you can make a donation to a cancer charity on its Just Giving website.

image14 (10)

image12 (10)

image13 (10)

So, in just one morning, I’ve ticked off 3 more things: photograph the Six Public Clocks, visit the Crossrail Home Garden and go to God’s Own Junkyard. And, since getting home just before kick off,  my ‘Learn Braille’ book has arrived so I can make a start on that challenge too.

What do you like to do in London? Any favourite places? Do let me know!

Happy Sunday everyone xx



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