National Trust today. Perhaps London Sunday

Is it really just a week away until July?! It really seems only about 2-3 months ago since we were seeing in the new year. I’m really excited about next month as we’ve got SO much planned with lots of things to tick off my bucket list! Some BIG things! But, as I said the other day, I want June to count too. 

image3 (25)

Today, I finally made it to Sheffield Park and Garden in East Sussex which is a stunning National Trust place. It’s not too far from Ashdown Forest (home of the Winnie the Pooh stories) and the coastal town of Eastbourne. I tried to go last autumn but it’s such a popular place with people wanting to see the autumnal colours that I couldn’t even get into the car park….or the overflow car park. But success today meant getting to see its Waterlily Festival which is on until 15 July. Sheffield Park and Garden was the home and training ground to thousands of Canadian troops from 1941 to 1944 and there’s going to be a Canadian trail around the grounds over the summer. It’s really well worth going to and in fact I’ve just noticed that it’s holding a Midsummer Evening tonight and tomorrow from 6.39 to 9.30pm with refreshments, music and opportunities to take photos of the lilies as the sun sets. Oh, I’m SO tempted to go back tomorrow night if there are still tickets! But that might depend on what I do on Sunday.

image1 (24)


As well as volunteering at a Sussex fete tomorrow afternoon for a few hours tomorrow (which will raise money for the charity I regularly volunteer for), I’m thinking about going up to London on Sunday……but get home in time to see the England football match. I don’t know if you can relate to this but I love planning trips out and I sometimes get as much of a buzz from the planning as actually going. Well, nearly! So, I might get up very early on Sunday and go to some really fantastic looking places around Canary Wharf and Greenwich…..and get snapping some photos!

Happy weekend everyone xx


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