Sunrise over Beachy Head! An amazing way to start the day……

Since I stumbled across the most perfect sunset back in February whilst in West Wittering (photo at the bottom of this page), I’ve been hoping to capture an equally great sunrise and thinking best about where to capture it. Googling ‘best places in Sussex’, Beachy Head kept coming up. 

image7 (18)
Sunrise June 2018 from Beachy Head looking over Eastbourne pier

Now, if I’m going to get up super early to go somewhere about an hour away, I’ve needed to wait until the perfect day in terms of weather and, of course, when I’ve nothing in my diary. And today was the day!.

Leaving the house at 3.15am, it did feel a tad bit surreal heading over to the Beachy Head which is by Eastbourne on the East Sussex Coast. And when I turned up, there was initially no-one else. Yes, I mean, who else would have woken up to snap a few photos! Now, unfortunately, Beachy Head is infamous for where people commit suicide because of its vertical drop and I was very aware that being up there might have roused concern from the local chaplains who often offer support to those struggling. However, I was completely alone except for some cows over the road and I could see the glow from the sun eventually come up. However, at this time of year, I couldn’t get THE photo of the sun in the same frame as the cliff and lightbouse below so I might head back on a clear morning this winter. So, although I had some photos, there was nothing that I thought ‘This is the one’.


However…….I set off in my car heading east and stumbled across several cars in the laybys with other people also watching the sun that I could now very clearly see. Wow! It was beautiful and I got talking to a guy whilst looking at Eastbourne pier underneath the glow of the yellow sky. You know, it’s quite a relief to know that I wasn’t the only crazy person getting up early! So, I now have another photo that I can put on photography bucket list.

Next month is going to be quite busy……and, yesterday, I added something else to it! I was listening to Heather Cockcroft on BBC Radio 2 yesterday who’s a GB gold-medal winning paralympian and she mentioned about the Anniversary Games at the Olypmic Stadaium next month. I love sport and going to the stadium has been on my bucket list since almost the beginning so guess who’s got tickets for the Anniversary Games next month?! Am so excited!

FullSizeRender (24)
Sunset at West Wittering, on the night before the February 2018 snow!

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