Beautiful Painshill, Surrey

Hey folks

Before I tell you about a lovely trip out this afternoon, I heard from St. Catherine’s Hospice, Crawley today that it would like to share the blog post I wrote at the weekend after being a guide marshal on its Midnight Walk. It’s going to share it on its social media so I hope that it can inspire others to also give up a few hours to help others as well as inspire people to think about the things that they’ve always wanted to do. You can read my weekend’s post here: Midnight Walk

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Well, as I don’t work Mondays, I’m always keen to go out and make the most of a day off, especially when the skies are blue! Today, I finally went to Painshill in Cobham Surrey (almost on the junction of the M25 and M3). Wow! As you might know by now, I’m a real photography lover and, just like the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Gardens I went to last week, Painshill provides lots of focal points.

Painshill is an 18th century landscape garden created by Hon. Charles Hamilton and inspired by his Renaissance vision. It has follies such as a Gothic tower, the Temple of Bacchus, a Turkish tent and charming bridges including one with 5 arches that I never thought I’d reach on this hot day but I did! Thankfully, there was an ice house which gave me some respite from the heat. There was also a beautiful Gothic Temple with a very interesting ceiling. What I’ve learnt from taking photos is to always look up and behind me! You never know what you might otherwise miss and I certainly came away with some more photos of my photography bucket list.

Following a 2.5km route around the grounds, you’re taken past vineyards, an alpine valley and even crystal grottoes. The grottoes were very much on my list of things I wanted to but I didn’t find out until I arrived that they’re closed on Mondays for maintenance (plus I think other days) which is a real shame over the summer months. There were many geese protecting their goslings and despite trying to stay well clear, I did get hissed at. Unsurprisingly, I quickened my walking speed hoping that I wasn’t going to be attacked! And then I had a very late lunch before heading home. After standing up for hours on Saturday night whilst marshalling, my legs were certainly aching today after my walk but I came back glad that I’d got out and explored a hidden gem!

Do you have places that you think of as hidden gems? Any wonderful places you’ve discovered? Do let me know! xx

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