Marshalling at a midnight walk!

Hey folks. I don’t know about you but I can’t believe that it’s Friday already and, whilst I work most Saturdays, the rest of my weekends are usually pretty chilled. However, as well as having friends over this weekend, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night as I’ll be doing something a little bit different!

hospice 1

In Sussex, we have an amazing charity called St. Catherine’s Hospice which is based in Crawley but supports people over a wide area. I know people who’ve either had amazing end of life support from its staff or have had help with ongoing health issues. Well, tomorrow night, it’s holding another Midnight Walk where more than 900 people have registered to walk either 7, 13 or 20 miles and the hospice is hoping to raise more than £125,000. Now, I must be clear…. no, this isn’t me about to tell you that I’ll be pounding the streets of Horsham tomorrow night! However, I did do a 13 mile midnight walk years ago that started and finished in Hyde Park and was an incredible experience. The camaraderie was so uplifting and it was fascinating to see London relentlessly busy. However, I did that walk with absolutely no preparation and then wondered why I could barely walk for the next two days! No, tomorrow, I’m going to be a guide marshal that will be directing people along the route, cheering them on,  giving them encouragement that they WILL reach their goals. And with me signing on at 7pm and covering two separate marshal points until 3am, it’s going to take me much nearer to my bucket list goal of volunteering for 50 hours! 

Good luck to everyone taking part. My vocal chords will be in top order cheering you on! xx 

P.S. I wrote about the benefits of volunteering just a while ago if you’d like to take a look


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