You cannot step away from an amazing group!

Hey guys. How’s your week going? 

This time last week, I was deciding what to do about volunteering. Do I stay with the most fabulous people that I’ve got to know over the past few months or do I move on to something that connects with another area of interest? Well…..(drum roll)…….I’m staying!! I’m just back in tonight from another session with the funniest, loveliest group of teenagers and incredible staff that, from day 1, made me feel really at home. I. Can. Not. Step. Away!  And when I told them tonight that I’d like to stay, their reaction might have given me the warmest feeling ever.  So, I plan to do this for however long and then perhaps look to do odd bits of volunteering with other charities as I go along. But I’m getting so much out of it…..just have a read hereabout why I’m a real convert to volunteering!!! 

So, what else is new? I’ve added more things to my bucket list. Yes, I’m clearly going to go well beyond the 50 things that I’d originally set myself, hence why it’s become a bucket list of 50+ things! I’m planning on another action-packed day in London as the last one was incredible! In fact, from Google searches, someone clicks on my ‘Sliding Doors filming locations in London‘ every day after I ate breakfast at the American restaurant from the film! This is what I plan to do………

  1. Photograph the Twelve Public Clocks at Canary Wharf
  2. Visit the Crossrail Place Garden Roof
  3. Stand on the Prime Meridian Line at Greenwich
  4. Go to God’s Own Junkyard
  5. Tour Highgate Cemetery
  6. Find the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town
  7. Photograph the colour of Carnaby Street
  8. Visit ’10 Downing Street’
  9. Have a drink at Churchill Arms, Kensington
  10. Visit the Kyoto Gardens in Kensington

On reflection, this might fill up a whole weekend! I’ll be telling you more about these over the next few weeks but here’s something information about two of them for now.

Number 6: Find the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town!smeg 2smeg

Yes, this is a real thing in London! At 12-16 Artillery Lane, E1 7LS, you head into The Breakfast Club which looks pretty much like a regular bar. However, if you ask the waiter to see ‘The Mayor’, you get quietly shown to a Smeg fridge where, on opening its door, you find yourself heading down some stairs into a secret basement where you can get fabulous food and drinks. It just seems like a quirky thing to do and, as you’ve probably guessed by now, I like quirky! Here’s some information about it: 

Number 4: Go to God’s Own Junkyard

Every time I google any list about what there is to do in London, this comes up so I feel a need to check it out! This is basically Europe’s largest collection of neon signs and you’ll find it in Walthamstow, and it’s meant to be quite a spectacle. Literally ever surface, every bit of wall space, etc. is covered and it looks brilliant! There’s even a Rolling Stones bar there too. 


On top of these, I’ve also added about visiting the Hindu Temple in Wembley and going to the Lumière festival in London next January. 

So, there’s lots to look forward to and I may even squeeze in a quick run down to Cornwall to snap the Land’s End sign and photograph St. Michael’s Mount….as you do. Well, as I do!

If you have any ideas about cool places to go anywhere in the UK or even further afield, do tell me! There’s no end to the list! Here’s the list as it currently stands

Happy Tuesday everyone xx

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