Hannah Peschar Sculpture Gardens, Surrey

Hey folks. How’s your weekend going? I’m just back from an amazing place that I hadn’t heard of 48 hours ago! When at some other gardens yesterday, an elderly couple told me about the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Gardens in Dorking, Surrey and said that it is a photographer’s dream. Oh. Wow! 

image22 (3) - Copy

I love places that make you feel as if you’re exploring and where they are many paths to follow. Here, you just don’t know what’s going to be around the corner but it will be some sculpture that’s actually for sale. Now, we’re not exactly talking about the garden department of Homebase here…..we’re talking thousands of pounds to buy something that will be very individual. A statement piece! It might be 5 foot pencils in a tin or a mask that looks as if it’s just been worn at a masquerade ball or something that you really can’t make head or tail of yet you know it’s pretty cool. And the setting is beautiful. It’s funny how placing it one place or another provides completely different context and offsets it off in a totally unique way. I like looking for unusual shots. So, there was a tall stack of hollow wooden cubes and I thought…..what picture would I get if I zoomed through one of the gaps…..so it provides a wooden frame? I also found a ring of material hanging down from a tree and then another one about 10 metres away and thought….OK, let’s see if I capture the two together. And there were heads on pedestals! 

It really is a gem of a place and clearly highly rated on TripAdvisor. Yes, of course I’ve left my review on there already! You know what me and TripaAdvisor are like! I’ve now got my 115.000 reader badge on there. Whoop! And I must update my photography bucket list in just a moment as I’v’e definitely got a few photos today that tick off some boxes.

The next place to visit is Painshill in Cobham, Surrey that has beautiful grounds too but get this…..it also has a naturalistic crystal grotto! Hopefully the summer ahead is going to be a sunny one as there’s so much to explore. And I’m also planning on another action-packed day in London too. After going to London recently and having an incredible time, there are some new things on my list. But that’s all for another day and another post! 

Happy Sunday everyone xx 



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