Having things to look foward to

Having filled May with the most incredible experiences that I will always remember (which you can read about here), it’s now just a couple of days into June. I don’t know whether others who enjoy bucket listing find this but I think there could be a danger of having a bit of a slump. A bit of a decline in mood where the excitement is over and you’re left thinking ‘what now?’. I really can’t believe that I was in Belgium this time last week! But the good thing is that I still have a list of things I fancy doing. Some things have fixed dates like the Dino Snores Sleepover for Adults at the Natural History Museum next month where hubby and I are going to be immersing ourselves in all things dinosaur-related and sleeping in the famous Hintze Hall. And there are things on my list that will take a bit more planning like going to 10 new countries, drive along route 66 in the US and go to Eurovision. But I think it’s important to fill the time in between with low key things that still give you a bit of a lift. 

image1 (19)

What a beautiful and sunny day today! I ended up not working today after a client had to postpone an appointment and I could easily have stayed home but no! I work nearly every Saturday so a lie in was a bit of a rarity. But why stay in when I had the option to get out and get snapping with the camera on my phone! I’ve gone past High Beeches in Handcross so many times. It’s near Haywards Heath in West Sussex and I thought I’d go along, especially as the signs on the road talk about water gardens. You might have gathered that I like anything to do with water. Unfortunately, the heavy rain from the other day meant that the lawns were carpeted with flowers that’d been forcibly thrown off the shrubs. I’m sure that if I go back in a month’s time, it’ll be far more colourful than today but it was still lovely to get some fresh air. And to get some exercise. Goodness, it’s on a steep slope that leaves you gasping for breath a little bit but I got back to the car glad of the work out, especially as I’d caught the sun too!



image5 (19)image4 (22)image2 (20)image7 (15)

image3 (20)

When I was there, I got talking to an elderly couple who told me about the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Gardens in Dorking, Surrey that are meant to be amazing for taking photos. Apparently, artists get to display their work amongst the flowers so you can really capture some stunning photos with a strong focus so hopefully I can get there tomorrow or in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve got about 3 things planned for July (the Dino Snores Sleepover that I’ve already mentioned, Lordington Lavender and high tea at Highclere Castle) but I’m going to set myself a challenge for June. One of my things on my bucket list is to operate a pneumatic drill! Yes, completely random but I’ve never used one so hey! I’m going to try to meet this challenge this month and will go onto Facebook right now and see if any of my friends knows anyone who can help. May was amazing, July will be super but let’s make May count too!

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend everyone and, if things are tough for you, you get moments that make you smile xx 


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