New additions to the bucket list!

Hey folks

How is it nearly the end of May? Time seems to be running away and apparently so is my age. One my children yesterday seemed surprised that I’ve a few more years to go until I turned 50 as he thought the reason for the bucket list was because my birthday was right around the corner! Hmph! I plan to cling on to my youth for as long as I can!

I did my GCSE exam early this morning. I am such a shocking student though as it’d been in the my diary since January but I kept forgetting that I really must start revising until about 3 days ago. I used to be a teacher so I’ve gone against all the advice I’d give my students! Anyway, I spent 3 days cramming and the exam seemed okay so I can now forget it (again!) until results day in August. The brilliant thing is that I did it purely for ‘fun’ so it doesn’t matter if I don’t get a good grade. 

grave 2

So, I’ve added a few new things to my bucket list (which is here if you’d like to check it out). I’ve decided to go on a tour of Highgate Cemetery which is in north London. There’s the East Cemetery where you can go around on own but the West Cemetery is designated Grade II on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens and you have to book a tour. There are some very famous people buried there such as Karl Marx, George Michael, George Eliot and Spike Milligan (on which ‘I told you I was ill’ is written on his tombstone!). There are some amazing visual tombs too like a grand piano and Jeremy Beadle’s one that shows his love of books. I might do that around Hallowe’en just like when I went to the Hellfire Caves last Hallowe’en.

I’ve also decided to go to the Chelsea Flower Show. I can’t go this year as I’m busy report writing before the cruise on Friday but definitely next year. I couldn’t tell a daisy from a dahlia, a rose from a rhododendron or a crocus from a chrysanthemum but it does mean hopefully lots of opportunities to get some super photos. 

flower 1

I’ve also decided that I’d like to have a trial helicopter lesson! Yes, a helicopter! Leading up to my 40th birthday, I drove an HGV, rode a tractor and rode a motorbike so there’s a bit of a theme. In Sussex, there are a couple of places where you can do this. AND I’VE JUST HAD ANOTHER IDEA! A tank! Hee hee! I like to be different so I’m going to add a tank to my bucket list in just moment. I went in a helicopter at a summer fair when I was a teenager and I remember just the feeling of floating up, as if there was no gravity. 

Also, on Facebook, the ‘Secret London’ page came up on my feed which I’m now following as that looks incredibly inspiration with some fabulous things that a little bit of the well-trodden tourist path.

Today, I got my ‘100,000 viewers’ digital badge on TripAdvisor but it’s probably not too surprising after all my travels over the past 9 months but yay!

So, I may blog again in the next couple of days but otherwise I’ll let you know how the cruise goes this weekend sailing from Southampton to Zeebrugge (day trip to Brugge) and back. I’m so excited! ♥ 


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