5 days until my first cruise!

Hey folks. How’s your weekend going? 

I know that it’s only been 4 days since returning from my UK road trip which I really loved. I have to say that I was pretty exhausted afterwards as I really packed it with so many activities but I came back feeling that I’d made every single day count. The things that I’d like to do again but with my husband are: the treehouse restaurant in Alnwick, the stunning accommodation at Applegarth Villas in Windermere, the Lake District, seeing the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon and going to The Making of  Harry Potter.  

cruise 1
P&O Ventura

Well, in 5 days’ time, I’m off on my first cruise and I’m beyond excited. This is almost like a taster cruise as it’s just 3 days but certainly long enough to get to know the ship and see if cruising is for me. My gorgeous friend Ellie and I are sailing from Southampton on Friday on P&O Ventura to Zeebrugge where we’ll go to Brugge for the day and then return to Southampton on Sunday. Although I’ve been to Belgium before, I’ve never been to Brugge but I haven’t come across anyone who’s been and didn’t like it. There’ll be so much to explore. Although we could do a tour, Ellie and I are just going to spend the time drinking coffee, doing boat trips and taking a zillion million photos! And we’re treating ourselves to a suite on the ship so that we’re living in luxury! At the moment, it seems slightly confusing about how the mealtimes work as I think it’s optional to dress up with so many restaurants available but we’re taking our newly bought evening gowns along for one of the black tie events. It’s going to be so glitzy! 

And if I come back and think that cruising is for me, then I’d definitely like to do the 12 night trip all over Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and Estonia.


However, I’ve a pile of work to be doing in order to go away so I’ll be glued to my laptop for the next few days! Oh……..and I keep forgetting I’m taking an iGCSE exam on Wednesday morning! I was going to do iGCSE business studies last summer but then had an awful reaction to eating Camembert from the night before and was very poorly indeed. I must start revising. Oops! 

Happy weekend, everyone xx

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