What a fantastic afternoon! I had owls swooping onto my arm!

image4 (19)

Another thing ticked off my bucket list today! I had such a fabulous time today with Steve and Emily at Sussex Falconry with meeting their owls, falcons and hawks, and having owls swoop down onto my arm!

And I learnt so much too! Did you know that owls can turn their heads 270 degrees so it may look as if they can turn their heads all the way round but not quite! And the pupils in their eyes are fixed which is why they have to turn their heads so much rather than glance side to side. 

But I have to say that freakiest part was when the tawny owl was given a mouse to eat whilst sitting on my arm and I just had to look away! I said to Steve, who runs the business, “I don’t know how far he’s got with the mouse as I can’t look” and then Steve said “Well, the head has gone” Eeewww!!! When the owls were coming towards me, they just swooped in a direction where I wondered if they were going in the right direction but they then just gently landed on me. 

image5 (16)image2 (17)image1 (16)


Tonight, I’m adding two more things to my bucket list:

1) Go to a Pick Your Own place and, er, pick my own fruit! Hubby says it can be quite hard work but it sounds good, especially if I can then make something from whatever I collect. Any ideas?

2) Photograph 3 unusual places to sleep for my photography bucket list. Now, this is thanks to Nicola who gave me this idea and she mentioned a horse drawn gypsy caravan, shepherd’s hut and perhaps a tepee. Thanks Nicola! Later this year, I’ll be sleeping in a castle and I’m VERY excited about doing a Dino Snores for Adults sleepover at the Natural History Museum in London. Yes, hubby and I are going to be sleeping there and doing lots of activities with a bunch of other adults ready to do something so exciting.

Thank you for reading my posts over the past few days. It really means a lot! I don’t usually blog daily but, of course, I’ve had a lot to share over the past week! My next adventure is the short cruise in 8 days’ time xx

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    1. Ah, yes, I certainly could. Or perhaps an Eton-mess type thing if I pick raspberries. With meringue and cream…..what could go wrong 😉 xx


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