Road trip day 5: Fed breakfast to monkeys and saw the RSC perform Romeo and Juliet

Hey folks. How are you?

Over the past few days, I’ve walked and walked, to the point that even my blisters have blisters! I bought a blister pack before leaving home which I now can’t find but my feet are a mess. However, it’s all worth it!

image6 (15)So, yet another fantastic day on my UK road trip. For a very long time, I’ve absolutely loved monkeys. I just love the expression on their faces and a few months ago, I discovered Trentham Monkey Forest in Staffordshire where you can go into the park an hour before the public can and actually help the keepers feed them! What a morning! The staff were so friendly and we drove around on the jeep to various feeding points, throwing carrots, apples and melon. Trentham Monkey Forest has 140 Barbary macaques and you could tell that they knew that breakfast was on its way! As we arrived at each feeding point, you could see them head over and curiously suss out what the treats were going to be! On the jeep, there was also food to put in some lockers for later on but one of the monkeys jumped onto the jeep to steal some grapes! It really was unbelievably special and I’d definitely recommend it to others. What I love about Trentham is that the monkeys just roam the site so they’re not confined to enclosures. And the public can just walk along the paths, as long as they’re at least 1 metre away from the monkeys. 


image8 (11)And then onto Stratford where I saw Romeo and Juliet being performed at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Wow! It was a modern adaptation so rather than have the usual Tudor dress, tunics, etc., there was denim, trackie bottoms and electric guitars! The pace was really fast and it was unbelievably good. Now, not being someone who reads for pleasure, I’ve never found Shakespeare easy to grasp and my concentration is never particularly amazing but I felt that modernising some aspects actually helped me to understand the plot. It’s such a great venue too.  

In Stratford, I also went on the Big Wheel which is just over the River Avon from the theatre so it gave great views of the city and I then hobbled (walked) around Shakespeare’s birth place, which was very interesting although I think a bit expensive. 


Now, I’m at the last hotel which is beautiful. It’s set in 157 acres just outside of Stratford but I’ll be asking for breakfast to be brought to my room in the morning to minimise the blister pain! And then I’ve just one more place to go to tomorrow before heading home. Let’s just say that broomsticks, magic and a famous literary school will all feature!

I’m really missing home so I will be glad to get back tomorrow to see my brood. But taking time out to do this adventure has been really incredible and allowed me to recharge. 



  1. I adore Stratford and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre is phenomenal. If you pop into any pharmacy or drug store they’ll be able to help with your blisters. Hope you’re enjoying your UK road trip – I’m loving reading all about it. Char // xx

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    1. Aw, thanks Char! it feels as if I’ve packed so much into just a few days and it feels almost surreal that I was in Newcastle just 3 days ago! I’ve been to the Globe in London but not the RST – wow! The talent was brilliant. And thanks about the blisters. I’m hoping to get through to when I get home mid afternoon to put my feet up and not walk anywhere…..well, until I go with my son to have an ‘owl experience’ on Thursday when we’ll have owls come and fly onto our arms! Hope you’re OK xx

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