Road trip day 4: Applegarth, Chester Zoo and the Rollercoaster Restaurant!

Wow! It’s day 4 of a 6 day road trip and again I’ve managed to fit a lot in.

I had to say goodbye to the my amazing suite that I’ve had for the past 2 days at Applegarth Villa and Restaurant. Situated in Windermere in the Lake District, its suites are spectacular with incredible lighting technology (which I’ve now planned for my dream home if I win the lottery!!), a hot tub for each suite and the most amazing bathroom. The walk in shower was huge with a rainforest shower and the massive bath had twinkly lights above it. The food was incredible, both breakfast and dinner. Now, I’m not usually one to go for accommodation where you get to meet the owners as I much prefer the anonymity of going past the reception desk of a large hotel. But the owners at Applegarth are just the most charming couple and I really, REALLY want to go back! Do check it out if you’re looking for 5 start accommodation in the Lake District.

image6 (14)From Windermere, my journey took me to Chester Zoo which was incredible. I seem to have a knack of making all animals hide at zoos and animal centres making it hard to take photos but a trip on the monorail assured me that the zoo does have animals! The funniest part was seeing a baby orangutan doing forward rolls down the hills! But the bears and tigers weren’t around for me but I did go on a boat trip (3rd of the week!). It’s a fantastic place which, despite being a school day, was really quite busy but I can see why some many people come. And, as I’ve found in the north, everyone is just super friendly! When I left the zoo, I realised that I was so close to Wales so I ‘popped in’… you do!

image7 (11)And then tonight….wow! I had dinner at the Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers. In the evening, it’s open to the public, etc. so you don’t have to also go to the actual theme park. So, basically, your dinner gets served to you by rollercoaster and having ordered it using a tablet, you then wait for the food to appear above you and see it spiral down towards you table! it’s an amazing concept.

Tomorrow is my last whole day and I’ve THE most exciting breakfast at 9am. I’ll tell you tomorrow but it’s probably going to be a highlight of my life! I’ve then got other things too to look forward so, like every other day, I’m making sure that it really counts.

And then I’ll head back on Wednesday having gone through (I think) 23 counties! Not bad at all when something I want to do before I turn 50 is to visit all of England’s 48 counties. Right, off to bed now! Hope you all have a good day tomorrow xx

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