Road trip day 3: Lake District…..I’ll be going back!

image9 (6)

Having been to Austria a couple of times many years ago and loving the stunning mountains and lakes, I’ve concluded that the Lake District gives me the same feel…minus the snow ! I’d never been to the Lake District before but I packed so much in the 48 hours I was there that I was too tired to blog last night!

After a fabulous breakfast yesterday at Applegarth Villas in the village of Windermere, my first stop was The World of Beatrrix Potter. Now, I really can’t recall her stories from my childhood and I know that I didn’t read them to my own children but, helpfully, the visit started with a 5 minute video giving the backstory before the door opened on rooms with lots of exhibits. Even though I didn’t have young children with me, it was very enchanting! 


Now, the only thing that I was unable to do was the drive up Hardknott Pass (listed on the website due to a road closure but I headed over to Coniston Lake. I’ve been fascinated since quite a young child about Donald Campbell and his ill-fated world record speed attempt so I was keen to go over to the lake itself and suss out the memorial to him. Then, it was time for jazz. 

image12 (5)Now, perhaps I don’t know much about festivals but having bought my pass online and having it to hand, I got to Keswick only to find out that you then have to pay for a programme to find out where the acts are! I mean, come on! However, a ever-so friendly guy in the tourist office managed to spot another festival goer holding said programme and asked about some venues that I could go to. It was nice. I’m not a jazz fan and the festival didn’t convert me but it was fun to at least try something a little bit different….and it’s something else ticked off my bucket list!

I also managed to fit in another lake cruise but on Windermere this time as well as a trip on an open top bus. And staying just minutes away from the flagship store of Lakeland, I felt compelled to check it out and buy a couple of things….which I thought was very restrained! But I was SO pleased yesterday to gimage8 (10)et the ‘jetty shot’….you know, the iconic Lake District-type photo that they sell in IKEA! After the forecast being very changeable in the week leading up to my visit, I was incredibly lucky. It was like summer and, without a doubt, my experience would have been very different if it had rained. 

So, I’m now in Trentham just by Stoke on Trent ready to head out for dinner tonight to somewhere really exciting. I’ll take lots of photos! And then, after blogging later tonight about what I’ve been up to today, I’ll put my head down as tomorrow is SUCH an action packed day!

Hope you’re having a good week, everyone! xx


  1. We must have been in Windermere at the same time:-) That is such a classic Lakes photo! I think I took a similar one in Ambleside. Hard to resist those straight lines! Hasn’t the weather been just perfect? I hope it continues. I love your big birthday bucket list idea… I think I might need to start one for 50 too!

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