Road trip day 2: Gretna Green, Lake District and Windermere


Hi folks

Well, a few things ticked off my bucket list today! After breakfast, I set off to Gretna Green which is just over the border from England into Scotland and famous for loved-up couples to elope to. I was expecting just a single building but the blacksmith’s chapel has evolved into a small group of eateries, shops, museum, etc. making it actually really interesting and well worth a trip to. I even got to try Scottish whiskey…..mmm, not for me but good to try! And then I was onto my next destination: the Lake District.

I think I’ve come across about 5 lakes so far. I went on a 2.5 hour trip on the Ullswater Steamer which was really nice although I have to say after about 30 minutes, I thought…’OK. Boat trip done. I want to get off. I’ve places to go to’! I think my favourite stop today was a place called ‘Surprise View’ and O….M…..G….. It gives the most stunning view of Derwentwater where the lake just stretches in the mountains. It was quiet too and I think, so far, it’s Lake District best kept secret!

Lots of other lake-type stop offs as well and I did eventually stop taking photos as there are only so many you can take! But then I got to my hotel and wow! So, I’ve been in a hot tub (another bucket list thing ticked off) and it was amazing. Very bubbly! My suite is stunning with amazing views of the mountains from my terrace. Dinner was fabulous. I’m just watching Eurovision so let’s see which country wins as I want to go next year! Didn’t our SuRie do brilliantly, regardless of the stage invasion? I’d love her to win but I’d love to go somewhere a bit more exotic next year than London!

Lots planned for tomorrow so off to bed once the Eurovision result comes in. Night all xx



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