Road trip day 1: Newcastle, Alnwick and the Treehouse Restaurant!

Hey folks

How are you? Hope you’ve had a good week and have a good weekend ahead, whether it’s doing something cool or just taking the chance to chill.



Well, here I am in Newcastle on the first day of the road trip and it’s been quite  a day! First thing was to head up to the Angel of the North and, after a 6 hour drive, it was an amazing sight to see the sculpture from about 3 miles away. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it’s huge! After a few photos, I thought I’d head to the Metrocentre in Newcastle which is the 2nd largest shopping centre in the country. Oh wow! It was like 5 shopping centres all merged into one and you could do a lot of damage to the debit card! I mooched around the shops and was genuinely struck by how friendly everyone seemed to be! I’ve heard often that northerners are friendly and certainly the ones I’ve met today are!


And then up to Alnwick. Well, I’ve ticked some more things off my bucket list: to walk through the poison garden and to go to the spot where Harry Potter learnt to fly his broomstick. The gardens are stunning with lots of water features and hidden passages that could give children hours of fun when playing hide and seek! The poison garden was fascinating. Of course, our tour guide said ‘Don’t touch anything!” and, as we walked around, he told us gruesome stories of how people have suffered organ damage, slow developing paralysis and death from consuming the plants….or even just by touching them. The castle is brilliant with lots of nooks and crannies that were used as filming locations in Harry Potter. 

alnwick 1And then dinner. O……M…….G…….. As I walked in, I said ‘Oh wow’ in a rather loud voice. It was a restaurant (a whole restaurant) in a treehouse! It was adorned with fairy lights, had a roaring fire as you walk in and had lots of suspended walkways. Photos can never truly capture what somewhere is really like and I don’t think I can upload the panoramic photo I took. The food and service were incredible, and it’s definitely something that hubby and I will do together one day.


So, here I am in my hotel room. I’m pretty tired but I wanted to blog before putting my head down. Tomorrow, I’m off to Gretna Green, Hadrian’s Wall and the Lake District, and I might be blogging from the hot tub at the hotel! Funnily enough, I’ve put the TV on and it’s Home from Home on BBC1 with Johnny Vegas and Emilia Fox filmed from the Lake District. I’ve been watching the series and getting rather excited…..I’ll be there tomorrow!

Night all xx


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