Eclectic shopping! Hiking boots, blister pack, make-up and an evening gown!

I really cannot recall the last time that I’ve shopped for such an eclectic mix of items! On the one hand, I am set up for hiking through the Lake District this weekend and I probably bought out the whole of Mountain Warehouse judging by how big the parcel was! My adjustable walking stick looks cool and I hope that, along with an incredible amount of determination and stamina, I will reach the summits to capture some really beautiful photos of the fells, mountains and lakes. I’ve never been to the area before but I hear that weather changes frequently and I seem to be getting a different forecast each time I log onto the Met Office app. But it won’t stop me getting out there. But I hope to also capture the excitement and colours of the Keswick Jazz and Blues Festival along with all the other things I’ve got planned.

cruise 1And then, in contrast to getting dirty and sweaty on the walks, my evening gown and shoes have arrived for the short cruise in just 16 days’ time. I love this dress as it’s quite dark but it has a sparkly back and lots of layers to the skirt including netting. I just need to buy a shrug or similar. I haven’t worn make-up for years so I’ve just got back from Boots to effectively start again when stocking up my new make-up bag and make sure that I can look nice for the black tie event on the ship. My friend and I are beyond excited and, again, I just hope that my photos will convey the opulence of the liner and the beautiful location of Bruges.

FullSizeRender (22)I have come to realise over time that I’m often at my happiest when near water, whether it’s a lake or the coast so these two trips seem ideal. When I came out from volunteering last night, I just about managed to see the tail end of  a stunning sunset (now added to my photography bucket list). If we get a repeat tonight, I’ll pop out to a local lake where I can park my car right by the water’s edge and capture the sun setting in the west and its reflection on the water. 

I’ll next blog from either Newcastle on Friday or Windermere on Saturday to tell you how it’s all going… hope you all have a super couple of days xx



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