A rollercoaster restaurant…..in the UK!

Hey folks. Last night, I told you that I was hoping to get a table at the Alnwick Treehouse Restaurant in Northumberland. Well, I was so excited this morning to hear that they’re able to accommodate me! It truly looks magical and it got me thinking about where else I’m going to eat whilst on my travels next week.

rollercoaster 1Guess what I’ve found? A rollercoaster restaurant where your food gets delivered right to your table by rollercoaster! How incredible is that! There are 8 of these around the world in Russia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Austria and 3  in Germany. The pictures of the restaurant look really exciting and I’m completely up for eating at a themed place. I love rollercoasters although it’s been many years since I’ve been on one. I remember as a young child going on one with my dad at Knott’s Berry Farm in California where you actually go backwards too and being desperate for a 2nd ride before seeing that my poor dad’s face was green! Located at Alton Towers, it’s possible to go the Rollercoaster Restaurant in the evening without having to buy tickets for the actual park so this is a great place to eat before heading off to a hotel and getting ready to feed the monkeys the next morning at Trentham Monkey Forest.

As I’ve said before, family circumstances make it hard for hubby to come away with me at the moment. I think until recently, I would have found it a tad bit awkward to ask for a ‘table for one’ at a restaurant but when I recently ate at the British Library, I found that I wasn’t the only one who’d asked to eat alone so I didn’t look out of place at all. I might just need to find a good book!

ports 1I’ve already got two other restaurants on my bucket list: to eat at Dans le Noir in London where you eat in the dark (table booked for later this year) and lunch on the private island of No Man’s Fort in Portsmouth.

Do you know of any exciting or quirky restaurants in the UK? At some point, I’ll be heading down to Cornwall via the Isle of Wight and hopefully drive right up to John O’Groat’s so I’d love to know if there are places you’ve been to or have heard of. 


  1. I love Alnwick but never knew this existed! How freaking cool – I’ve added it to my visit list next time I return to Northumberland. I hope you have a great time. Also, not quirky but, the Beatles style cafe in Cowes (IOW) is amazing for breakfast. Char // https://lunarchar.com/ xx


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