Alnwick Treehouse Restaurant!

Hey guys,

I hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday weekend if you’re in the UK but enjoying the weekend wherever you might be.

alnwick 6

I think an exciting part of a holiday is the planning, especially when you’re trying to find lots of exciting things to make every single day and every single evening count. I thought I’d pretty much done my research for my holiday around the UK starting next Friday and it’s going to be full of highlights, e.g. the Keswick Jazz and Blues Festival, Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, feeding monkeys their breakfast at Trentham, etc. But I have just discovered THE most amazing restaurant…..and it happens to be at the location of two existing bucket list items: to walk through the Alnwick Poison Garden and go to my 10th (and final) filming location: i.e. the spot at Alnwick Castle where Harry Potter learnt to fly his broomstick.

alnwick 5Well, there just happens to be the Alnwick Garden Treehouse Restaurant and the picture look AMAZING! I’m a real sucker for anything pretty, magical and full of fairylights. I can’t tell you how much I’d love to go there. The only thing is that on the website, it says it’s really popular and they take bookings up to 90 days in advance but how amazing would it be if they could squeeze in just one more on Friday evening. Just one more. Just one. Me! I’d even leave my Sussex home in the early hours to get there for lunch time if they can’t fit me in the evening. So, I’m about to email them and I’ll send them a link to this. Here’s keeping my fingers and toes crossed! If I can’t get a table, I hope that this blog inspires you to check it out at some time. 


The weather isn’t looking great for the Lake District next weekend but, today, I’ve ordered my walking boots, my walking pole, etc. and most importantly a blister pack! Why let a ‘spot’ of rain dampen the weeks of planning! Time to get out there and keep exploring this beautiful country!

Oh and just before I sign off.. You know that I’ve been looking for bluebells in Kent? Guess what I found literally a two minute walk from my home last night! I went for an evening walk (which I wouldn’t usually do in my own village) and I came across so many! With my children aged 17 and 20, it’s not as if we go down to the woods and pond any more but these pictures really make me realise how lucky I am to live here! We even have bats fly around our garden at dusk!





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