An afternoon looking for bluebells in Kent!

FullSizeRender (11)For the past two weeks, I’ve been on the search for bluebells to add to my photography bucket list. You’d think living in the UK that I’d have a chance of finding them……after all, half of the world’s bluebells can be found here. Well, it appears that the best of the bluebells are in places where it’s impossible to stop as I keep finding the most amazing displays on the tightest and twistiest roads with absolutely nowhere to stop! And I’ve concluded that perhaps ramblers might make the best photographers as they can get ‘the shot’ without worrying about where to park the car! For the past two days, I’ve been going around Kent, known as the Garden of England. One of the best things about my job is that I get to travel all over the south east to clients’ homes where I’ll spend up to 3 hours and I can then stop off to have ‘me time’ at interesting places before spending my evenings writing reports. Kent is a beautiful county with pretty villages, lanes lined with hedgerow, oast houses (as shown in my photo) and some stunning places to visit.  

image8 (7)But today, I found my biggest collection of bluebells at Scathes Wood which is right next to Ightham Mote. Of course, photos never really do the reality justice but it was great to find more than a clump of bluebells. When I’m in the Lake District next weekend, perhaps I’ll come across even more. And then I also walked around Ightham Mote which is a National Trust tudor house. I really am a shocking visitor though as I’m there just for the photos and so I walk around the NT properties being courteous to the volunteers in the room, of course, but avoiding too much conversation! But the volunteers clearly do a great job.

Oh, an update. On my road trip, I’ve managed to get a ticket for Romeo and Juliet at THE Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford Upon Avon! I really can’t wait. Just think that this time next week, I’ll be in Newcastle having visited some poison gardens, been to the filming spot at Alnwick Castle where Harry Potter learnt to fly his broomstick and taken photos of the 20m high and 54m wide Angel of the North!

Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone xx


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