Wow! Watched the Grand Prix with 100 other people, went on a plane and tried to find a celebrity!

And that’s all in one afternoon! Hello, everyone. How are you? I hope you’re having a good weekend.

IMG_3474I’m just back from Mercedes Benz World in Brooklands, Surrey. As part of my trip to Brooklands Museum which is famous for transport, I popped into Mercedes Benz World which is partly retail but also has the cars driven by Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher. And I just happened to be there when the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was on. I’d thought about staying home to watch it but decided that I’d just watch the highlights tonight as I really faced a trip out, not realising that I’d get the chance to watch the whole race in its cinema at MBW! I can’t tell you how exciting it was as I’m the only person living here who likes sport so I regularly watch the races on my own……although it doesn’t stop me from screaming and shouting the screen. But to watch the race with about another 100 people all cheering and screaming at such an eventful race was unbelievable! Everyone even clapped at the end! 

image13 (2)Right next to MBW, you’ll find Brooklands Museum. It’s often referred to as the British home of motor sport and it was the first purpose-built racing circuit in the world. It has everything from the London Bus Museum (including a bus that was bombed during World War 2), aeroplanes (including Concorde) and motorbikes. Plenty of staff can tell you about the history but it’s great to just amble round, pop onto a cargo plane, walk under Concorde, etc.! I was actually very lucky to fly on Concorde many years ago to New York but it was quite something to go under it today. I almost got the chance to drive a Mercedes-AMG today but the last slot had just gone so I’ll just have to head back there another day! I can see that it’s a perfect place to take the family but it’s great just to pop along to yourself.

On my way home, I thought I’d go and hunt out some bluebells. Locally, in Outwood, there’s meant to be a bluebell festival but after a very long walk getting slightly lost, I then found out that I’d been looking in the wrong place. However, it turns out that finding the bluebells would have meant going over a very muddy field today so I’ll have to head back another day. But I did find some bluebells in a wooded area. And then, on my way home, I decided to pop in The Castle, Outwood. Now, I happen to know that Judi Dench drinks there and it might have persuaded me slightly to pop in case she happened to be there. I’m not a stalker! Honest! But it would have been cool to ‘just happen’ to bump into her!

So, a great day for working towards my bucket list! And we’re just 2 days away now from the beginning of probably the most action-packed month for me. I can’t wait!




  1. Hey there Sarah, I read your bucket-lists and you’ve completed many of them. WOW. I can only say wow. Btw, it looks likely you’ve spent your afternoon wisely. Looking forward to read more about you sooner.

    Good day!

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    1. Aw, thank you! I was so pleased to go out. It’d be too easy to stay home but I came back refreshed! May is going to be the most incredible month! Hope it’s a great month for you too 😊

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