My first knitting lesson!

IMG_3388Well, yesterday, I had my first knitting lesson with my unbelievably patient mum-in-law! One of my ’50 things to do before I turn 50′ is to knit something for charity so I thought I’d turn to someone experienced who can show me the ropes. And whilst I could have watched a You Tube video, these times with parents and in-laws are important. I have to say that we spent more time chatting than knitting but Mum showed me how to cast on and produce two rows. But it was alarming how tricky I found it! I’d like to think that I have a reasonable amount of common sense and I’m also a visual person but I had HUGE problems with almost the first step! I had to keep asking her to keep showing me as I mimicked her actions with my own set of needles and ball of yarn. We just giggled throughout our time together but it was good to come away with a couple of rows to show for my efforts! Now, I think I might need to choose something for charity that’s reasonably small! Perhaps a VERY small blanket….for a dog…….for a puppy……a particularly tiny puppy! But I’m going to look at: charity list and decide what my eventual item will be.

Last night, I was back at my volunteering where I plan to do 50 hours (which is another thing on my bucket list) and I can’t believe that it was my 9th time there, meaning that I’ve done 22.5 hours towards the 50 hours. I have to say that I’m getting SO much from helping out at a youth club for teenagers with complex learning difficulties and the staff are amazing. I used to be a teacher and so I had years of preparation, marking, etc. but with volunteering, I just rock up, help out, chill with the teenagers and come home! So, I’ll get to the 50 hours at the summer term. But will I can carry on? I might!

And tomorrow, I get to go out and about again. My car’s been in the garage since Friday and I’ve really missed getting out, taking photos, doing something for either my main bucket list or photography bucket list. Thank goodness it happened now and not in 2 weeks’ time when I’ll be gallivanting all over the English countryside. Bucket list service will resume!

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