Keswick Jazz and Blues Festival

With just 19 days to go until my road trip, I’ve been firming up the finer detail and I’ve decided to fit in going to a festival! I’ve never been to a festival before but I love the idea of walking around to different venues, listening to different performers, soaking up the atmosphere. And it just so happens that when I’m in the Lake District, Keswick’s Jazz and Blues Festival will be on and, being right next to Derwentwater whilst surrounded by mountains, it looks like the most amazing location. Now, I don’t know anything about jazz and blues but with it being Keswick’s 27th festival, it sounds as if the event attracts some big names with Keith Nichols, Marla Dixon, Denise Gordon, Earl Okin, Alan Barnes, Baby Jools Jazzaholics and many more. You can read more about the event here Hopefully I’ll come away all knowledgeable! 

kes 1

As part of my 6 days away, I’m spending two nights in the Lake District but the more I look into what there is, the more I’m realising that I could easily spend a fortnight in the area! I mean, one of the big pulls for me is photography and to capture the iconic photo of a wooden jetty go into one of its many lakes would be incredible…..especially at sunrise or sunset. I’ve also got Hardnott Pass to bravely go down (it’s rather like San Francisco’s Lombard Street which is known as the crookedest street in the world but on a much bigger scale!). I’ve a boat trip on Lake Windermere that I really want to do. But as a parent I spoke to the day suggested, I’d love to go off the beaten track too. Perhaps find a waterfall or two. There are even rainforests in Borrowdale! But I guess the beauty of a doing this road trip is to sample places in the country that I’ve never been to before and find places that I might want to head back to. 

kes 2



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