Shere….Surrey’s prettiest village?

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Do you recall the closing scenes of Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason when Bridget’s parents get married (for the second time) at a beautiful village church? Or perhaps you might remember The Holiday with Kate Winslett who lives in a snow-covered pretty village and does a house swap with Cameron Diaz? Well, both films were partly filmed in Shere which sits between the towns of Dorking and Guildford in the Surrey Hills and it’s clear to see why the location managers saw this village as being quintessentially English. It’s mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086, it has a stunning Norman church (St. James’) and the River Tillingbourne runs through its centre.

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Part of being a mum is providing taxi service for soooo many years and with one of my children at a 2 hour meeting this evening, I thought I’d head over the Shere whilst waiting for him, make some progress on my bucket list and make the most of this glorious spring evening. And it is so gorgeous with timber houses, a couple of pretty pubs including The White Horse which is featured in The Holiday and there’s even a free car park just a very short distance from the village centre. Unfortunately, few people seem to use this car park and instead claim every space possible in the village centre making it hard to get some photos free of cars. But, nonetheless, it is ever so cute and well worth a visit if you love a British rom-com! In fact, my parents happened to go to Shere during filming for The Holiday and saw it being sprayed with fake snow but didn’t know why!


And as I mentioned the other day, I was so surprised to find out that Kate Winslett’s home ‘Rosehill Cottage’ in The Holiday isn’t even real! The exterior, including the pretty stone wall, was built, used and dismantled all within 2 weeks so anyone going along to look for this pretty home will be faced with just a field!

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If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you might recall that I went to another village in England last summer which is often regarded as one of THE prettiest in the whole of the country….Castle Combe which is in the Cotswolds and has been used in many films. So, if you’re coming to England and REALLY want to see English villages at their best, I can’t recommend Castle Combe highly enough! Check out this link here!

castle combe

So, I’ve got one more filming location to go to and then I can tick off this challenge from my bucket list. I feel like I’m really getting there now and, with my road trip starting in just 22 days’ time and a mini cruise, May is going to be a brilliant month!

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