Photographing spring…you never know what you’ll discover!

Having been at home all weekend, I was keen to take advantage of being outside and combine being ‘Mum taxi’ with taking some photos. I don’t know if anyone can relate to this but when you start to see photography as a hobby, it’s amazing how you notice things that make you think ‘I’d like to photograph that! However, I sometimes find when driving that there are the most beautiful, stunning views that I’d love to capture yet there’s nowhere near to park! For example, near to my home, there are panoramic views over the hills with sheep and daffodils but parking is impossible. Perhaps I need to make more of an effort, find somewhere to park reasonably close walk as you don’t get more spring-like views than that!

After my amazing time on Friday seeing a lamb being born and with spring on my mind for my photography bucket list,  I saw some gorgeous flower beds in the local town of Haywards Heath. Driving down a quiet road to photo some flowers I’d seen from a distance, I stumbled across the town’s war memorial and two glorious benches relating to the First and Second World Wars. I must have previously driven down the road at least 200 times so why hadn’t I noticed these? Perhaps now I’m seeing the world around me rather than getting caught up in the demands of daily life.


image1 (6)  image4 (7)image3 (7)  image2 (7)

On my way down to Haywards Heath, I’d driven through the village of Ardingly and was struck by the bank of daffodils that stretched down the road with Ardingly College in the background. I always think that the college, which is rated as one of the top schools in West Sussex, looks like Hogwarts as you drive past with its interesting architecture! So, I headed back there to see if perhaps I could photograph the daffodils in the foreground.


image5 (7)  image6 (7)

With it being rather foggy, I wondered whether the 19th century Ouse Viaduct might make for a good photo today, especially if there were spring flowers too. The  viaduct takes trains down from London to Brighton but when you drive past it, it’s one of the most spectacular views you’ll see in the county. It has 37 red-brick arches and has around 100 trains go over it every day. Usually the lay-by is filled with cars making it impossible to stop but luck was on my side today. No spring flowers but by the time I got back to the car, my boots were caked in mud and I did well not want to fall over whilst sliding on the slippery grass bank! On a drier, sunnier day, I’ll head back there to get up close – I might even try to capture a sunset!



image11 (3)

So, at that point, I was going to head home but then there was a sign in front of me: ‘Borde Hill Garden’! Well, it’d be a pity to get so close yet not visit… my afternoon out ended with walking around the gardens. On a sunny day, the viaduct would be visible from here and most of the flowers have not yet fully decided that spring is here but if I go back in May, I’m sure to capture spring in its glory



image7 (6)  image8 (6)image9 (2)

I used to work 7 days a week but I now keep Sundays and Mondays work-free and getting out there is a super way to spend my time off! What do you like to get up to on your days off?

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