Pros and cons of having a bucket list

FullSizeRender (4)Hi everyone. How’s your Saturday afternoon going? Hope it’s a good one!

I was going to go out this afternoon to Brooklands Museum in Weybridge which has all kinds of transport there and I thought I’d go round and take photos to work towards my photography bucket list. However, an afternoon at home is probably needed after a busy few days and it got me thinking about having my bucket list. Is it necessary a good thing?



In terms of pros, without doubt, it puts positivity into my life! Like many families, we have our challenges here and it can become all too easy to get caught up in a routine of sleeping, working and caring and, before I know it, the week has gone. Whilst we can’t control everything in life, we can control some things and we all have different things that make us tick. Having a bucket list makes me think of activities that will have the ‘wow’ factor or some sense of achievement and I think it’s important to build these into the week. These are things that put a smile on my face and that I will always remember.

As well as positivity, I think it’s good to get out of the house sometimes. It can be too easy to stay  in but I love spring and summer when the blue skies persuade me to go and explore. The items of the bucket list give me a sense of direction, quite literally! Rather than just think I’ll go and mooch around the shops or walk around the park, I can look at my list and decide that I’m going to head to a particular place. These might be fairly simple like going to the farm yesterday where I saw a lamb being born and got to hold a chick. Or it might be more complex like the 6 day road trip next month that already has so many activities and places planned. 

Another pro of having a blog is that it can inspire others. When I worked on my ’40 things to do before I turn’ blog, I ended up with over 250,000 views and several people got in touch to say that they had started their own lists after reading what I was getting up to. And I know there’s already one person who’s started her bucket list from hearing about my current plans. So, that gives me a lovely warm feeling!

The last pro that I can think of for now is getting likes and followers on here! Yes, I have a very tiny following compared to many bloggers on here at the moment but I know that it can take quite some time. But when I see a notification flag up, it just makes me feel that I’ve connected with someone. So, thank you! x


So, what are the cons? There is potential to feel consumed by it, that I should be doing something ‘all’ the time. I know that, this afternoon, the best thing is for me to stay in and just work my way through with a list of chores instead but it’s important to not feel guilty that I’m not venturing out to Surrey. It’s okay to not blog everyday and say ‘Look! This is what I’ve achieved‘.

Another con is that it can have the potential to bore others! I know many people are interested and they ask me how it’s going. But I do know that it can raise the occasional eyebrow and I get the sense that they’re thinking ‘Oh, not the bucket list talk again‘! And that’s okay, I do get it so I try not to preach about its benefits!

Another con is the cost. A bucket list has the potential to get expensive, especially if there’s lots of travelling to do. Even petrol from days out can add up. But there are lots of things that don’t cost any money. Examples of things I’ve done so far include doing the snow angel and pulling a pint behind the bar. The British Museum and Sky Garden in London that I’ll be going to next week won’t cost anything beyond my train ticket. Things from my ’40 list’ include asking a policeman if I could sit in the back of the police car and milking a cow. So, if money is tight, you can be creative.   

Another con is that it can be tiring! I loved doing my 40 list but once I achieved that, I needed a few years’ break before I commenced this current one. So pacing is important. May has got so many things booked like having breakfast with monkeys, spending half a day with owls, going to places like the Lake District and Newcastle, and going on a short cruise. So, I’ve made sure that June will be quieter. I don’t need to accomplish everything over the next few months.

So, these are my initial thoughts about the pros and cons of having a bucket list? Can you think of anything else? Let me know!

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