I saw a lamb being born and held a chick today!

Well, I’ve had such a good day of things all animal-related including some breaking news below!

After working this morning in Chichester, I stopped off at Gaston Farm which is in Slindon, West Sussex. I’d heard that it’s the lambing season and in fact one of my eldest nieces mentioned last week that she’d gone along. I’m SO glad I went. First, it was extremely packed with many young children there but also couples, groups of teenagers, etc.  so I didn’t look too out of place! As I walked from the car park to the farm buildings, I could hear a massive eruption of cheering, signalling that  a lamb had just been born. My walking pace might have quickened at that point, keen to see if another one was about to follow. As it turns out, there can be a huge gap between lambs being born by the same ewe so I had quite a wait. With about 30 ewes there, everyone’s eyes were on any signs that another birth was imminent and it turns out that ewes too do the nesting thing (well, my nesting instinct when pregnant didn’t involve using my paws to move the hay about but I do recall a real need to make my environment nice, sit down and get comfortable!). As the time went on, I did wonder whether I might actually miss the birth and I knew that if I were to leave, naturally, I’d hear another cheer whilst walking back to the car! Well, eventually, one of the ewes laid on her side, lifted her legs and boom….lamb! Everyone let out a massive cheer.

FullSizeRender (3)And it doesn’t end there! Everyone had the opportunity to holds ducks and chicks, so I chose to hold the fluffiest little thing I’ever had in my hand! It was seriously adorable, letting out a series of chirps. I even managed to take a photo one handed whilst the other gently held it and prevented it from running off! If you get a chance to go to Gaston Farm over Easter, do! Adult entry was £6 and I think children were £4…..which includes a tractor ride.

And it doesn’t end there either! I came home to some amazing news. I blogged the other day about how you can have breakfast with the monkeys? Well, Trentham Monkey Forest can accommodate me on the day I was hoping for so I’m BEYOND excited! I can’t tell you how amazing this is as I actually get up close with them. May is jam-packed with bucket list experiences but we’ve still got April to enjoy too and I’ve got an afternoon out planned for tomorrow.

Has anyone had any cool experiences with animals or things that they’d like to do too? Do let me know!




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