Beckoned to the National Trust by the blue sky!



I was lured away from my laptop this afternoon by the tempting blue skies! Having worked into the early hours of the morning writing reports, I was contemplating beginning the next report but I just couldn’t resist the spring air…..and don’t I feel better for it! Standen is a grade 1 arts and crafts National Trust property in East Grinstead which has William Morris interiors (carpets, fabrics, etc). It had an impressive library that my hubby would love to have! Its grounds are also impressive and you can see for quite some distance over the Sussex hills. It was great to just amble through the house and garden trying to capture some photos.

Now, is it just me but I’m not always 100% sure if it’s OK to take photos in these kinds of places…which sounds daft now that I’m home as I could have asked many of the National Trust volunteers! Each room had someone in there ready to answer questions but I never know what to ask yet I feel guilty if I just walk though the room almost ignoring them. So, I do quite the awkward British nod of the head to acknowledge their presence! But I’m really impressed with National Trust and how they have so many volunteers ready to offer their time and knowledge so a big thumbs up to them. Weirdly, I didn’t see anyone else taking photos and so I didn’t come away as many as I would normally. However, I’ve been on TripAdvisor already. It really felt like spring today. Photos and just life seems a bit brighter when there are blue skies!

So, what else is going on right now? BREAKING NEWS! I am SO SO chuffed about this! I’ve just heard that someone has arranged access for me to go to the Sky Garden in London next Friday! I’ve been trying for a while to get tickets which are free but seem to disappear quickly but I’m actually going to go up the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building in London. I am just bursting with excitement to tick this off my bucket list! This person had seen on Facebook that it was on my list and arranged it… how special is that?! Thank you! x



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