Planning a road trip – tricky but such fun!


In just over 5 weeks’ time, I’ll be off on my road trip around northern and central England. I’ll be away for 6 days and will be travelling on my own but I’m probably at one of my happiest times when I’m in my car, the radio is blaring and I’ve a list of postcodes ready to tap into my SatNav! As I mentioned in a recent post, I love ticking off the landmarks as I photograph them and then head off to my next one! It’s incredible how much you can cover in such a short amount of time.

Now, what slightly complicates this road trip is my aim to cover as many of England’s 48 counties as possible. Yes, I do like to complicate matters, don’t I?! So, along with ticking off as many northern counties as possible, I need to tie it with various landmarks such as Fountains Abbey, Saltaire, Alnwick, Gretna Green (just over the border into Scotland), The Angel of the North, etc. Tonight, I’ve got an absolutely gigantic road map that’s far bigger than my large coffee table and a pack of coloured sticker dots. The map shows the main motorways in the UK along with the counties, and I’ve marked the landmarks with red dots. Actually, this is helpful as I thought that Fountains Abbey was further east so it makes sense to venture there on my slow decent back down to the south. It’s not that far from Saltaire which is a Victorian model village and a World Heritage Site.

saltaire 1

Blue dots are for the accommodation I’ve booked, which is a night in the middle of Newcastle where I’ll see the iconic Tyne Bridge and Gateshead Millenium Bridge, and then a couple of nights at the amazing luxury hotel in Windermere with my own hot tub on the terrace.



Once I’ve sorted out my accommodation for the other two nights, it’s then time to grab a black marker pen and join the dots together! Hopefully, I won’t have to meander too much all over England to tick off the counties but I was inspired by reading this inspirational blog of 4 Norwegian guys who came over to the UK and visited all 48 counties within 24 hours!! Now, I do plan to visit all 48 counties but not quite as quick as them!


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