Have breakfast with monkeys in the UK!

I’m SO excited!

I’ve been thinking about where to spend my 4th night on my road trip which is edging nearer and nearer. Liverpool would work but it’s not possible to go on an Anfield stadium tour on the day I’d be there so I’ll hold off until hopefully one day when I get to see Liverpool play. And I could stay in Manchester but I went there years ago and nothing really grabbed me. So, I thought…..rather than find a city for the sake of it and pretty much pin a hotel on my road map, let’s choose something from my bucket list experiences and THEN sort out the accommodation around that!

One of my experiences is to spend time feeding monkeys as they are, without doubt, my favourite animal! I just love watching them. My mum was extremely lucky many years ago when she got to hold a monkey at Singapore Zoo and I would have loved to have done that. And I then recalled a few months ago that at Trentham Monkey Forest in Stoke-on-Trent, you can have breakfast with the monkeys before the venue opens up to the public! I mean, I could just go during normal hours and take lots of photos but you’re not allowed to touch them whereas I want to get up close!

Here’s some more information about it: https://monkey-forest.com/gifts-experiences/

So, an email has been sent to see if I can book my breakfast and tick off another thing from my bucket list. Please everyone…..fingers crossed, arms crossed, eye lashes crossed. Hoping they can accommodate me when I can be in the area as they don’t allow more than two helpers each day.


  1. What an amazing thing to have on your bucket list! I live locally to the monkey forest and have been a few times now, you can get very close to them, I’ve seen the feeders hand feed them fruits too. I hope you get to fulfill your dream! Best of luck x

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      1. Oh wow! That’s so amazing! I hope you have the best day! If you have time you should take a trip around the lake next door at trentham gardens or maybe do a spot of shopping and lunch! Lovely day out there too! I posted about it yesterday on my page 🙂 x

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      2. Oh, I will! I’ll be staying very local overnight and will definitely do the things you suggested. It’s all part of a 6 day road trip starting in just 10 days’ time. I tried to click on your page to look but couldn’t see it. I’ll try again later but am looking forward to follow you too! X

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      3. That sounds amazing! I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time!
        … I’m a little new to this tbh! I hope my posts are getting ‘out there!’ 😣 x

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