My photography bucket list


As some of you will know, I really enjoy photography. It’s fantastic to get a shot that really brings the subject to life or captures all the emotions of being somewhere that I can look back on with fond memories. Beyond sharing these on TripAdvisor, I’ve just been thinking how I can develop my passion and, ta dah, a brainwave moment! A photography bucket list! Rather than have actual places to go to (as some of these are already on my main bucket list anyway), I thought I’d come up with 50 themes to photograph and I then need to take three photos of each (but not all on the same day). I’m going to aim to do this by the end of this year but, rather than use photos already taken this year, this challenge starts from today onwards. I’ve literally just thought of this so this is a very tentative list that might develop over time.


2. Senior citizens

3. Solitude

4. Crowds

5. Animals

6. Music

7. Architecture

8. Sport and games

9. Literature 

10. Stage and film

11. Spring 

12. Summer

13. Autumn

14. Winter

15. Fire

16. Snow and ice

17. Sky

18. From above

19. From below

20. A mysterious path

21. Waves and reflections

22. Nature

23. Iconic England

24. Iconic London

25. Food

26. Drink

27. Black and white

28. Blue

29. Green

30. Orange

31. Yellow

32. Red

33. Technology

34. Shapes

35. Love and happiness

36. Wealth and poverty

37. Time

38. Health

39. Transport

40. Before and after

41. Religion 

image1 (2)

42. Friends and family

43. Me

44. Sunrise

45. Sunset

46. Unusual

47. Celebration

48. ……………….

49. ……………….


As you can see, I can’t think of anything for theme numbers 48, 49 and 50. Do you have any ideas? Please do get in touch! With the summer ahead, I can’t wait to get out there and start snapping!

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