Lake Windermere, Lake District and hot tubs!



I can’t believe that this time last year, I hadn’t started my current bucket list! It seems to have been a busy few months of bucket list activity and the next few months will be full of great things to look forward to. I really appreciate that people are following my blog – so thank you! It means a lot. I was just thinking earlier today that I’d love to be a full-time professional ‘bucket list doer’ where you can get paid for travelling, reviewing, TripAdvisoring, etc. or even helping others to create bucket lists. However, I love my day job and, unless the fabulous traveller writer Simon Calder is about to retire, I don’t suppose The Independent will take me on!

After my whistle stop tour of Somerset last weekend, I’m now firming up plans for my 6 day jaunt around central and northern England in May with all the things I mentioned in my post the other day. I’m going to spend 2 nights in Windermere and I truly can’t wait. I’ve never been to the Lake District before but I’ve always had a fascination for Donald Campbell’s attempt to break the water speed record in his boat ‘Bluebird’. He tragically crashed on Coniston Water in 1967 although his body was recovered only 17 years ago so I’ll go and look at the memorial there.



I’m also looking forward to taking iconic Lake District photos of wooden piers stretching out into its various lakes. Perhaps I can wake up very early one morning and capture sunrise…..or even a stunning sunset. I also plan to drive down the very steep and twisted Hardnott Pass which someone recommended to me as a challenge. Now, I love driving but reading reviews about Hardnott does make it sound slightly terrifying where I hope not to be faced with traffic coming towards me!

But I’ve found THE most amazing accommodation. The rest of the trip will be in budget-friendly hotels but I’m going to be staying in a luxury hotel where I get my own hot tub overlooking the Lake District fells. So, ‘go in a hot tub’ will be another experience ticked off my bucket list where I can have all my aches and pains from walking taken away by the warm bubbly water……and I don’t drink wine but I’ll have a glass of Diet Coke on the side!

Have you been to the Lake District? Can you think of anywhere in the area that I might like to check out?

Here’s my list of challenges if you’d like to see what’s on my current bucket list



    1. Hey Charlotte. Thank you so much for your comment! There’s so much in this country to enjoy and I can’t believe it’s taken me to this age to get excited about England!
      I’ve just commented on your brilliant blog. I can’t figure out how to follow it as i’m not in Instagram but I’ll try again as I’ve love to follow what you get up to! Have a great weekend xxx

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      1. Thank you! I actually tried to book the sky gardens after reading you bucket list. It seems really hard to book but they advise to book on Monday when tickets are released. Good luck with completing your bucket list ! Xx

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  1. I’ve just spent three weeks walking in the Lakes, if you want to check out my blog and photos at
    I think the Bluebird sank in Coniston Water? I could have that wrong but it’s not too far from Windermere anyhow. I definitely recommend going for a walk up Brant Fell or Orrest Head when you’re in Windermere, both easy heights with panoramic views. Good luck with your trip, I hope this gorgeous weather continues for you!

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    1. Hey. I hope you had an amazing time. I absolutely loved my trip to the Lake District and I managed to get to Coniston Water and see the memorial to Donald Campbell. What an amazing area! By Derwentwater, the best vantage point was at ‘Surprise View’ and it was a real wow moment! The weather was gorgeous there and it meant that I could do so much. I’ll check out your blog too 🙂

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