Throwback Thursday: An indoor play zone just for adults!


Do you think indoor play areas are just for children? Do you wish you can roam the slides, ball pits and nets with your friends? Well, I did this a few years ago and so can you!

One of my funniest experiences on my ’40 things to do before I turn 40′ bucket list was to go to the Play Zone in Portsmouth on England’s south coast which opens up its doors to adults every Tuesday and Friday evening. Strictly aged 18+ and with alcohol for sale, it’s your chance to rediscover your inner child!

I went with my sister-in-law and 2 friends, and we thought we’d really embrace the whole child thing….by going in pyjamas with our hair in bunches and freckles drawn on our faces. When we set off, this seemed like a good idea as we’d heard that other people did this too but what we didn’t account for was the need for petrol and the need to walk into the petrol station shop to pay looking quite odd! But it made for a very funny start to the evening and it only got better.

Portsmouth Playzone is the biggest on the south coast and has bumpy slides that you can race your friends down.  There’s a vertical death slide (which I didn’t have the courage to do although my sister-in-law and a friend did),  netted bridges to walk over and ball-pits to hurl yourself into at great speed! Oh, there’s happy hour too with discounted drinks! When life can be busy with work and other demands, this is the perfect opportunity to just have a laugh.

As well as the playzone we went to Discover Portsmouth Playzone , you might also want to check out the one in Swansea Swansea Playzone

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