Going to learn how to ring a church bell!

church bell

I am SO excited that I just had a jump onto my blog and share this with you! One of my challenges is to have a go at bell ringing and my initial hope was to perhaps just turn up at a practice, get to ring the bell once and then, ‘ta dah’, I’ve done it.

However, I emailed ART (Association of Ringing Teachers) last night as I wondered if I could do this when on my road trip in May when I’ll be travelling all over the north of England. And I’ve woken up the most warm and helpful email from its administrator. Yes, I could just pull the rope with help from someone else but, alternatively, I could also do 10-15 hours of individual tuition here in West Sussex and then get to ring at a church on my road trip (which then means ringing the bell by myself).

Rose sent me this really helpful clip about someone learning to ring a bell and it does look harder than I originally thought. Do have a look (it’s about 13 minutes long) but it shows that it’s all about technique and then building up from pulling the rope alone to being part of a team

So, yes, I’ve asked if I can go ahead with the local tuition and I’ve given my itinerary for my road trip to see how she might be able to help. This really goes to show that there are people out there who are really up for helping and making wishes come true!

So, watch this space……!

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