Avebury, Silbury Hill, Winchester…..and Hot Fuzz!

After a spectacular day yesterday of gallivanting around Somerset seeing the Wookey Hole caves, Wells Cathedral, Europe’s oldest residential road, Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury Tor, etc……I’ve just had another amazing day.

First, I woke up to this view from my B&B bedroom window overlooking Wells and its Cathedral:

image3 (1)

It was a really fabulous B&B called Beryl which has been voted by The Times as one of the top 50 in the country. I had the most comfortable night’s sleep in the 4 poster bed (bucket list item ticked!) but I traded in breakfast for an extra hour’s sleep…especially with the clocks going back. But however nice it was, I do think I’m more of a hotel kind of person who likes anonymity!

image4 (1)

And then, I was on my way to explore. I’d driven past Stonehenge yesterday on my way to Somerset and it’s impressive as you go by. But the Avebury ancient stone circles allow you (normally) to get up close rather be kept away by the perimeter around Stonehenge. Unfortunately, recent rainfall as made most of the circle inaccessible but I still got a few shots and went onto Silbury Hill which was man-made in the prehistoric times and was the largest in Europe until the Middle Ages. Apparently, years ago, hubby and his friends decided that they wanted to climb it although all the gates were marked with signs not to climb…..well, they walked 3 miles out of their way to find an approach to Silbury Hill where there weren’t any signs telling them not to climb it! Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury HIll, etc. all part of a UNESCO world heritage site (bucket list ticked!)

And then Winchester! Wow! It’s a lovely city that really does bring together history and legend with King Arthur’s table in The Great Hall.

image11 (1)

Oh…..I nearly forgot to tell you about Hot Fuzz! Well, ‘Sandford’ turns out to be Wells which was taken over in 2006 by film crews, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, etc. So after leaving the B&B this morning, I popped by another location from the film: St. Cuthbert’s Church which is where the church fete happens and Father Brennan gets spiked to death!

image5 (1)

So, home now but progress was certainly made on the bucket list: Sarah’s bucket list And I’ve written 14 TripAdvisor reviews and added over 100 photos!

This was very much a mini road trip but it’s amazing what you can do in 24 hours. However, I’m heading up north in May for 6 days and just think what I can achieve then!



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