Are you a ‘box-ticker’ or a ‘learn all about it’ person when travelling?

It’s merely 6 hours since I returned from my 24 hour dash around Somerset, Wiltshire and  Hampshire…..and I’m starting to look ahead to May. 11 May, not that I’m counting! Why? Because I’m off travelling for 6 days this time and I plan to pretty much cover everywhere north of London.

Now, I have to confess that I’m a ‘box-ticker’. The big difference between hubby and me is that he likes to go to places, read all the plaques, find out as much as he can and probably take advantage of guided tours……which is so commendable. But I consider myself to be a more shallow person who just has to see something who thinks ‘Tick. Done that. Move on’! This weekend, I had a list of postcodes to type into my sat nav so as soon as I’d got the important photos at one venue, I was off to the next destination…..but I will have done a tiny bit of research beforehand so I know what I’m looking at and it’s not quite as frantic as it might sound.

And so, looking ahead to my trip in May, I’ve got a ‘must see’ list which may evolve a bit. What I’d like to achieve is:

  • visit 3 cities which will probably be Newcastle, York and Coventry
  • visit UNESCO sites Fountains Abbey, Saltaire and Hadrian’s Wall
  • drink Whiskey in Gretna Green, Scotland……wouldn’t it be great if I was asked to be a witness at a wedding there!
  • go down Hardnott Pass in the Lake District
  • walk through the Alnwick Poison Gardens
  • photograph the Angel of the North
  • go through at least 24 counties
  • visit the Lake District and photograph Lake Windermere
  • in Coventry, visit Coventry cathedral (which I’ll reveal was a location for a film I’ve seen!)

And I might see if I can build in an experience like make something in a blacksmith’s forge or have a go at bell-ringing. So, lots of things to tick off my bucket list!


If you could go anywhere in England, where would you choose? I love being inspired by others!



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