What a day! Wells, Wookey Hole Caves, Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury…..and now a 4 poster bed!

I made it! I’ve been blogging for the last couple of weeks about my mini road-trip and here I am having had the most amazing day around Somerset. Let me tell you all about it!

So, I set off for the Wookey Hole Caves with a touch of trepidation about tackling my claustrophobia. Even being in a lift can freak me out! It turns out that the only way to see the caves is on a tour which is great in many ways as you have a guide who can tell you about the skeleton found 1,000 years ago, point out the fascinating rock formations and be a font of knowledge……but being on a tour also means that you can’t race through the caves which I would have chosen to do. The guide, Mark, told us how we had 10,000 tonnes of rock above us which did little to quell my nerves but I focused on taking photos and reminded myself that I’d soon see daylight. What was I wasn’t expecting was to get so wet from the rain drops above! And also sections that were very low and we probably all looked rather draft bending down to avoid bumping out heads…..and continuing to be all bent over way past the point where we could have stood up straight. They have rounds of Cheddar maturing there due to the perfect climate and apparently each of the rounds in the photo goes for around £500 at Harrods! But the caves are great and really well worth the trip. I even got to visit the Witch of Wookey Hole…..

And then, it was off to the centre of Wells, which is England’s smallest city. This….this is where I want to live! It has the air of a town with fascinating architecture and a huge cathedral! I happened to walk into the dress rehearsal of St Luke’s Passion which is being performed tomorrow and the choir and orchestra just filled every space with their harmonies. It was mesmerising! I also got to light a candle for my auntie-in-law whom we recently lost and I miss very much. The cathedral is stunning.

Next, it was onto Bishop’s Palace and Gardens which are right next to the cathedral and walk around to Vicar’s Close…..Europe’s oldest residential street dating 800 years old. Like I posted yesterday, I had to wait a while to get an interrupted photo of the stunning cottages.

I ended up with a little more time that expected so I ‘popped along to have dinner at Cheddar Gorge. I also came here last summer on a very hot day and there was absolutely nowhere to park but coming on an overcast afternoon seemed to have kept the crowds away. Then, a drive through Glastonbury before turning up at my digs tonight……where I’m ticking off a bucket list item: to sleep in a 4 poster bed! Now, I’m 5’ 8″ but even I had to clamber onto this bed in the most undignified way as it’s so high up!

So, when I wake up in the morning, I’m expecting to see Wells Cathedral from my bedroom window and I’ll venture into Wiltshire to keep working on my bucket list. Tune in tomorrow folks and I’ll tell you what I got up to. Hope you’re having a good weekend xx

(Btw, the photos don’t appear when I look at this on my iPhone but I can see them when looking on the laptop….so I hope you can see them!!)

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