First sign of blossom today…..let’s get snapping!


I used to know someone who was very into Mindfulness which helped her to stay in the ‘here and now’ and she used to talk about noticing. Noticing the colour of the leaves. Noticing the way that the raindrops bounce off the greenhouse roof. Noticing how the sun creates shadows against the wall of the house. And today, whilst in an exceptionally long queue just off the M25, I noticed blossom. In the past, I wouldn’t have necessarily noticed this at all as my mind might have been on the stress of being in a queue, the uncertainty about whether I’d reach my destination on time. But on seeing the blossom, it was like some significant cue to me that spring is here, summer is around the corner and my year of taking photos is now really about to get started!

It was only last year whilst in beautiful Canterbury for the day that I took a photo and, in a rather self-congratulatory way, thought it was actually quite a good shot merely taken on my iPhone. I’d never really been into photography. And so I thought, ‘How do I share this?‘…..and my TripAdvisor journey begun. As followers will know, I’m off to Somerset tomorrow to write my 100th TripAdvisor review (and reach 500 photos) and I have lots planned for my 24 hours there…..including sleeping in a 4 poster bed for the first time and challenging my claustrophobia again by heading into the UK’s largest show caves! But I’ve been following the weather reports, working out where to be at the right time to take the best photos I can and I’m so excited! I like taking two types of photos: 1) unusual shots which are at a slightly different angle to most people that capture a unique way of looking at something and 2) replicating THE shots that have mesmerised me online. But what I’ve learnt more than anything else is patience! I might need to wait until other keen visitors have cleared out of the shot or wait until the subject of my photo moves into just the right place if it’s something like an animal. And tomorrow, whilst visiting Vicars Close in Wells which is Europe’s oldest residential street, I’ll just wait until I can capture the uninterrupted 14th century beauty of the charming cottages.

Wells 1

So, have a great Saturday, everyone and I’ll blog tomorrow evening from my 4 poster bed in a room overlooking Wells Cathedral!

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