Throwback Thursday: 4 transport-related items on my bucket list!

Did you know that I’m actually on my second bucket list?! I did ’40 things to do before I turn 40′ too and I thought it might be good to tell you a bit more about these. So, I’m starting Throwback Thursdays and today’s theme is……transport. Yes, I was lucky to drive an HGV, have a motor bike lesson, drive a tractor and even sit in a police car…..and none of these cost a penny! It took me a while to get going with driving when I was 17 as I passed my test on my 4th attempt but I now love driving, having driven to Austria twice. I also drove abut 1,600 miles around Brittany on my solo holiday there last October and I’ll be doing a road trip around England in May.

Drive an HGV!

Now, yes, sometimes it is a case of who you know and it turns out that my oldest friend’s husband runs a haulage company in Kent and owns a yard. When I turned up there, the lorries seemed even larger than I thought they should but this was no doubt due to the realisation that I was about to drive one of them! It really is a question of clambering into the cabin where you’re confronted with the most humongous steering wheel. And you look out the window and, with being so high up, you see cars looking more like Matchbox cars! With it being a yard, I wasn’t able to drive it at all far but I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to move forward and realise that you’re in control of this monster of a vehicle…..although I left it to Mark to do the reversing!

Motor bike lesson

Where I live, we sometimes have trainee motor bikers having lessons as it’s quite quiet around here and it got me thinking… do I get to have a go too? Well, it turns out that the local school offers free trial lessons for 30 minutes. Donning the helmet, leather jacket and leather gloves really made me feel quite the biker girl and ready to zoom around the grounds. Well, okay….I might have thought that riding a bike would be far easier than it really is. For someone reason, I thought that you didn’t need to balance in the same way that you do with a pedal bike although it turns out that you do and the bike is obviously much heavier. So, I don’t think biking is for me but I did do several lengths between rows of orange cones and can say that I’ve ticked this one off!

Drive a tractor!

When I was doing my 40 list, word got out with family and friends about the challenges I’d set myself, and people were very keen to help me with whatever they could. And a friend of a friend of a friend is a farmer and they set up a Saturday morning for me to go along and have a go. O…..M……G……! This was amazing! I was driving the tractor that you can see in the photo above in 6th gear around a field, zooming here, there and everywhere on my own! And I even drove it back to the barns, navigating lots of twists and turns. Am I allowed to say that it felt very natural to drive a tractor and that I was okay at it?! In my view, certainly much easier than driving an HGV and motor bike.

And sit in a police car!

It was unlikely that I’d ever get to do this as a result of any misdemeanours so I had to find a way to make this happen! One busy night in the middle of summer, I was in Leicester Square with a friend and we’d just been to the Ice Bar (which is well worth a visit). I saw a police car turn up and the passenger popped into a pizza restaurant to grab something to eat. So, thinking ‘Oh, Sarah, just go for it‘, I went up to the policeman at the steering wheel and explained ‘Hi, this is going to sound a bit weird but I’ve got a bucket list……’ expecting to be met with a quizzical look but he was SO accommodating! Although I’d asked if I could sit in the back, he told me that they had some guns there but I could sit in the front if I’d like to! Well, I RACED round to the passenger door, throwing my camera to my friend and got in. And then he asked one of my best questions I’ve ever been asked…..’Do you want to blue lights flashing?’ OH YES!!!!!! So, we’ve all these people around wondering what on earth is happening but it just goes to show that many people are more than happy to oblige when you’ve got a bucket lit. You just need to ask!

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