And my 100th TripAdvisor review will be in………..

…Wells, Somerset! Yes, this weekend, I’m going to head down to England’s smallest city which I trust will be snow-free by then! Not only am I going to work towards one of my challenges to ‘explore 10 English cities’ but I’m going to tick off another experience….’sleep in a four poster bed’. I’ve never done that and I might find that it’s no big deal at all but I guess that I’ve just never had the chance to sleep in one. So, why not! The tiny city is full of history and fascinating architecture and there are a few photos I’ve seen online which I’d like to recreate too such as Vicars Close which claims to be the oldest residential road in Europe going back to the 14 century. Weather forecast is going to be changeable but I think there should be sunny skies and that always makes for a good photo opportunity.

Wells 2Wells 1

Just about two miles out of Wells is the Wookey Hole caves which look extraordinary with their lit up walls. Now, I get claustrophobic so going into caves is a big deal for me but I made it to the Hell-fire Caves in Buckinghamshire last Hallowe’en so I can do this. And, again, the pull of photo opportunities is a big one. I am so excited!

Wells 3

Between exploring Wells, my overnight stay and going to the caves, that may take up my time but I’m also thinking about ‘popping’ along to the Avebury stones in Wiltshire on my way home which tends to be visited less that nearby Stonehenge. And, yes, this will be a tick towards yet another challenge: ‘visit 5 UNESCO sites’.

Avebury 1

So, a weekend to make progress on my bucket list and, to cap it off, I’ll be able to write up TripAdvisor review #100 (and about another 3!) when I get home! Any other keen TripAdvisor people out there? What’s your favourite place that you’ve visited and reviewed?

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